Why can't I see the "Cancel subscription" button?



It is really really annoying that cannot find a conspicuous “button” to cancel a subscription.

Also the below link looks “invalid" and misleading.

I was so disappointed when I met the first problem with Prezi Next (cannot download offline presentations via web version). Also I found heaps information in “The knowledge base” are already out of the date. What a terrible experience !

So, could you please show me the way to cancel the subscription?



After a successful cancellation, the “Cancel subscription” link is no longer shown on your Account settings page. I’ve also checked your account in our database and I can confirm that the subscription has been successfully canceled.

Please note that we currently have multiple Knowledge Bases, if you look for information concerning Prezi Next, please search on this page.


Hi Vanda

Could you please send me a email to confirm the cancellation of subscription ?



Hi Kathryn,

I can confirm that your subscription has been canceled and your card will not be charged.

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