Why can't I see the drop-down menu for free topic layout?


So, I have been trying to move topics freely, but they are still stuck in the Planet format and I cannot separate the subtopics. How is this any different than before?

How to move subtopics freely?

@RobinsNest_Pro, please make sure to change the structure type of your subtopics in the dropdown menu as shown below:


There is NO subtopics drop down available with the Next desktop app. What your example shows is NOT what my app gives me.

This what my app shows. The browser version works, but not the app.


@RobinsNest_Pro, could you please make sure to update the app and let me know if you see the dropdown after that?


This is after the newest update. There is no dropdown. :frowning:


@RobinsNest_Pro, could you please confirm that the drop-down menu (as the one in the video above) does not appear even after you have clicked on the subtopic?


The last picture (with two subtopics) was taken AFTER the update. The drop-down is not there. . . .


@RobinsNest_Pro I could reproduce what you experienced, but logging out and logging back in to the desktop application fixed it for me. Could you try that?


It worked this time, but this should not be THAT buggy. . . . :frowning: Will I have to log in and out every time it does not want to function? This is one of many more reasons why we are still sticking with Classic. I continue to try to convert over, but every time I do, something does not work or looks TERRIBLE compared to the look of Classic. Spell check still down and our background still looks so bad and blurry that we will not ruin our reputation due to Prezi’s lack of conversion in Next (no problems with this in Classic)


@RobinsNest_Pro you only have to log out and log back in when you’d like to have a software update to take effect.


My picture where it did not show up was AFTER the update.


I understand, but as I mentioned, after software updates, it is advised to log out and log back in for new features to take effect.


I did. I had to log in and out 3x, but now it works. Thanks! I am hoping that this new feature will help us move to Prezi Next. . . .