Why can't I use the desktop app?


A friend suggested I try Prezi. I signed up for a Classic account to try this. Just tried to open my account and received the following error message:

Please upgrade this account to a Pro or Edu Pro license to continue. If you think you’ve received this message by mistake, please try again or contact support.

I have a Macbook Pro. Prezi might want to think about making it easier to Google support for Mac users. Thank you.


I’ve checked your account and please note that you currently have a Prezi Next Basic license. Signing up for a Prezi Classic account is no longer available, for further details on this, please reference this thread:

As for your case, with a Basic license you can use the online editor. For the desktop application, you need a Plus or Edu Plus license. For further details on what each license type covers, please check this article in our Knowledge Base.

In case you have any questions, I’m happy to help.


Hi Vanda,
Is there a link to a free desktop license so folks can try out Prezi?


If you sign up for a Plus or Edu Plus license as a new user, you have the ability to try the desktop application for free during the trial period.


I have just created My Prezi account and I chose the free license. When I try to log into the Prezi Desktop app It says that I should go to a PRO License.
Besides, when I am in the web site, it just shows me some demos but I cant create any presentation.


@Juan_Ignacio_Sosa the desktop application is only available with a Plus or above license type.

If you don’t see the create a New presentation button, please check this topic for troubleshooting tips.