Why did my overview shrink?

So in one of my prezis there is a text which got moved out of the view.
I cant delete it.

I had to make a zoom in to that area so i can screenshot it. But when i get out of the presentation mode it jumps back to normal and i cant click it and delete it.

Take a look

This is what i am trying to delete

https://i.gyazo . com/5f32b75e1ff910f05e61262e5add3611.png

(put the link together)

Its very sad how much bugs Prezi Next has. Cant wait for the developed version

Could you please attach a link to the presentation?


The transition from 2 to 3.

And i found another prezi with the same mistake.

The transition from 3 to 4

Thank you for the link.

As you can see on the screenshot, the space causing the issue is not a text box but a zoom area (text box has a blue frame).

In this GIF you can see how I have removed the zoom area – you were not able to delete it as a text box as it needs to be removed as an animation.

I hope it helps.

If the issue is the same in the other presentation, please feel free to follow the same steps or let me know if you have any difficulties removing the zoom area.

i was aware of this zoom area.i placed it there so i can zoom up there and delete it. It didnt work. I will just leave it there since its a bug which isnt fixed yet

I am sorry, I believe I misunderstood you earlier.

I have created a copy of the presentation for you where I removed the extra line of text in every stack topic in subtopic “1”.

You can see the process here.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

hello, the first page can not be controlled anymore. it looks small and i can not change it. can you please tell me what to do or fix it to me.
thanks alot

Hello, @Rukaia_Cheikhhasan. Could you please send us a link to the presentation? We’d be happy to look into it.

I can not belive how fast is your resonse.
hier ist the link :
thanks alot for your help.

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I have created a fixed copy of the presentation for you. In the second topic there was an outlying element but I have removed it and now the size is as it was before.

Thanks alot for your help. that was so helpful an my presentation was so interesting.
with regards

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You are very welcome!

Issues like this usually happen if there is an outlying element that disrupts the presentation.

First it is important to find out in which topic the outlying element is. For that you should go through the topics (and subtopics if there are any) one by one using the select all shortcut (CTRL + A for Windows and CMD + A for Mac).

Normally all the content after such selection should be visible within a blue border. Once you find a topic with a border that goes way outside of the topic, you can start fixing the presentation.

First, manually select all the elements that you would like to keep in the topic and cut them (CTRL + X for Windows and CMD + X for Mac). Then, use the select all shortcut once again and then delete all the content. After that, paste the previously selected elements back (CTRL + V for Windows and CMD + V for Mac).

Hi I hope someone can help me

I was just about to complete my prezi when the overview shrank to about 5% of the screen size

I cannot seem to resize it

the prezi appears to work ok in presenter view

Thanks in advance

I have moved your post to the relevant thread, please see the suggested solution above. If you still cannot resolve it, feel free to send a link to the presentation.

Hi - I am having issues with my background image that keeps shrinking - it was working fine previously and then something happened and it continuously keeps moving from the frame and not aligned. The image is sized to the optimal resolution however every time I adjust it to fit, my text and topics goes small. Has anyone ever experienced this problem? Its like the presentation size has changed somehow, but not sure how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve tried everything and its driving me crazy! Thanks, Lisa

@Lisa_Gercovich, I have moved your post to the relevant thread, please see the highlighted solution above. If it does not resolve your problem, please feel free to send us a link to the presentation.

So my students have been working with a prezi in prezi next, and all was fine. Then when they opened it this morning, the overview image had shrunk to the size of a dime, and zooming in or enlarging and re saving doesn’t help. There was no text moved out of the view, the text which is there was added after it shrank. When it is first loading, it looks like it is going to open normally, but then when it actually does, it is tiny. Can anyone help us with this?

Also have some students who are experiencing loss of some of their topics. It just seems to be eliminating topic bubbles. Anybody else having issues with this?


@Randy_Rowland I’ve moved your topic to the thread discussing the same issue, please check Lana’s answer above on how to troubleshoot.

As for disappearing content, it is most probably connected to an institutional firewall that didn’t let your students save their presentations properly. You can check our recommended settings here.

Hi Lana,
I have tried everything in my power. This problem has persisted and I am losing my mind! I have to keep telling my boss why it’s not ready yet when it was almost complete days ago. I have researched this until blue in the face and tried your suggestions…no luck. Can I send my Prezi to you to look into? I have no hair left to pull out. Thank you