Why did my overview shrink?




Here is a new link. I made a copy and tried to fix it myself with no success - what is usually the turnaround time with a response? Thank you!!!


Hello, @Heather_Harris. We have created a Support copy and that one has a fixed overview - the issue was due to a connecting line between 2 topics. I am sorry for any inconvenience.


my overview shrunk and i need help fixing it


@Julia_Kennedy, the presentation should be alright now, we have fixed it.


I had had the exact same problem and I can’t fix it. Can you please help me too??

Thank you



We’re very sorry for the late reply, but our colleague, @Luanda fixed the presentation for you, we hope it works!

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Hello, can please someone take a look and help me? I would not like to lose my work, I tried to fix it myself but I faild.



@El_Mario Could you please tell us how exactly you would like to change your presentation? The overview seems to be fine now but we’re happy to take a better look if something does not seem right. Thanks in advance.


Hi Support.

I tried the suggested help but i still cannot get my presentation to stop shrinking :frowning:

Could you please help me?

Best regards


@Maya_Petersen Please check the Support Copy we created for you, the issue seems to be resolved now!

There was a textbox placed outside of the frame in one of the subtopics but deleting them solved this problem.


Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:


Hello, i need help with my overview page
When I first created the prezi, the overview page was about the blue box area, but it shrinked for no reason. and when I try to move / enlarge elements, the overview page becomes even bigger.

I thought there were some elements that are out of the blue box, but even when I click ctrl+a to select everything, there is no element outside the blue box.

Please help.


@Arim_Lee I merged your post into the relevant thread, could you try the recommended troubleshooting method mentioned above?



I tried, but it’s not working.
Could you help me? It’s my first time in Prezi…


@Arim_Lee Please check the support copy I created for you on your dashboard.
In the third subtopic of your first topic there was a textbox placed (probably accidentally) outside of the frame and deleting this solved the issue!



I need this done ASAP! I cant figure out what happened~!


@Allison_Dugan I merged your post into the relevant thread.

Please check the support copy of the presentation I created on your dashboard. The issue here was also caused by a textbox placed very far outside of the frame, once it was reduced in size and placed back into the frame, the overview went back to its normal size.

If this happens, you can always check for any misplaced objects by selecting all the content at once which will reveal if there is anything outside of the frame.


My information all gone, its all zoom in how to go back to original help



@nityas_rajen Please check the support copy I created for you on your dashboard.

Some of the subtopics in topic 4 were accidentally placed far outside of the frame, once these were deleted, the overview was back to normal.

If this happens, please try selecting all the content on each frame which will reveal if there are any misplaced objects on the canvas.