Why did Prezi change so much recently?

I have used Prezi since it started, and have always been able to adapt to the small design changes they’ve made over the years. However, within the past 6 months, they have made the platform less intuitive (removed the pinch-to-zoom ability, can’t as easily switch between slides, can’t always delete a side or change the size, etc) and I’m wondering why? Is this because they want you to give them money to upgrade? You can’t even reach customer service unless you pay them so I’m assuming this is why but would love to hear y’all’s input!

Hello @Emma_Woodrich, we’ll address these matters in several parts:

  • Pinch-to-zoom ability: if you double click anywhere across your presentation, aren’t you able to zoom into the desired content?

  • Switch between slides: could you please further explain this?

  • Delete/change slide: you’re able to delete any slide on the left sidebar or simply by clicking on it with the right side of your mouse, as you can see in this quick tutorial.

Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile: