Why do I have to be online to use the Prezi Next desktop application?


This is awful. AWFUL. You can’t import from the previous version, so any (and all) of your previous work is useless in this version.It’s built on a completely different platform so compatibility is zero. Should you somehow be able to forego that (e.g., if you’ve never used prezi before) you’ll find the new version full of glitches. The desktop doesn’t work unless you are online so what is the point of it?? Very poor. I have already gone back to the ‘classic’ version which is fine, but no doubt support for it will now wane so all old prezi users are going to need to find a new home. Were prezi bought out or something? Because this decision CAN’T have come from them. Imagine the board discussion…new owners…‘let’s build a new product that will alienate all our existing users’. prezi team…‘YEAH!!’ Where do we start??? COUNT ME IN!!!’. I think someone must have nodded off.


The desktop application is designed to enable users working offline. You only need internet connection the first time you login to the app. In case you experience differently, please let us know and we’ll be happy to take a look.


Hi, but what if i neet the app in a computer that cant connect to the internet?


It is necessary to have the internet connection at least once to be able to use the desktop application. After that, it can be used completely offline.


Hi, but i need it for a specific computer i have. Dont you have any other


If you would like to deliver a presentation to a computer that is completely offline, you can first download the desktop application to a different computer (with internet connection), log in with a Plus or a Premium license and download a portable presentation, which you can later export to a USB drive.


This is in fact incorrect. I often work in environments where I lack connectivity. Today I lost connectivity and when I started Prezi Next it gave me the log in box and that is as far as I could get. I was therefor unable to present my work and ended up looking very unprofessional. This Prezi was supposedly “offline”. I edited it a few hours ago but did not export it. I assumed I would have access to my local prezis even without connectivity. Prezi really need to get their act together.


Hello, @Johan_van_Niekerk. Sorry you had to face this issue.

Please know that the app automatically logs you out every 30 days in order to check whether the license type is still the one that allows desktop app access.

Also, a log out can be connected to the amount of space on your hard drive. In case there is not enough space on your laptop’s hard drive, to try to get some space the operating system clears every temporary storage like the caches folder.

Another option is that there is an app installed that is supposed to keep your machine ‘clean’ like CleanMyMac or something similar. These apps usually do the same thing as mentioned above - delete any temporary storage including caches.

I hope this helps.

I am sorry you were in this situation. I understand it is not easy to be always aware of all the apps running on your machine and to keep track of the space used. I would recommend always downloading a standalone beforehand just in case you are not sure about the Internet connection quality/availability.

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