Why does the image quality get pixelated when fully zoomed in?

I have a PNG image that looks fine in full screen Windows Preview, but when Prezi zooms into it full screen, it is distorted/pixelated. How can I get the image to look as good as it does in Windows Preview full screen?

The problem isn’t the image. My images are 300x300 or higher. How can I STOP Prezi from zooming in to them so tight? I don’t want this giant zoom in. How do I control it? I’ve tried resizing the image, but it makes no difference :frowning:

if you draw a frame round the image at the appropriate size and then link the path to the frame and not to the image inside it then prezi will not zoom right into the picture.

with 300x300 pixel images you will always get pixelization if such an image is spread over an 800x600 (or higher) canvas.


what is considered high res? image requirements would help a lot. if i wanted to zoom into an image in full size. what’s the dpi or pixel sizing?

300 dpi and higher allows you to zoom in a little bit more, but the flash player limits (2880x2880px) is surely a problem I think…

if you have a large original file (ex: 4000x3000+), maybe you could create several parts of it (as a puzzle?), so it looks like zooming in one picture but in fact it will just be a 100% of one picture (part of the original)…

you can do that making copies of the original and crop each in a graphic editor. then insert each part and place it on the prezi… never try that… wondering if placing would be precise enough…

I wanted to try that for long time, so i did it :slight_smile:

I haven’t found a beautifull very large picture but I tried with a 3200x2400px one (max for prezi is 2880x2880). I used the GIMP.

take a look :

[image en puzzle pour zoom](http://prezi.com/7gwnfs6mwped/image-en-puzzle-pour-zoom/ "image en puzzle pour zoom") on [Prezi](http://prezi.com)

to view a full size picture, 1024x768px is all right.

Great example NathL, well done - best way to explain is by showing I think…



I have a very large image in png and jpeg but pixelated on zoom.if I save as PDF is that better?

I am trying to zoom into a pdf I imported into Prezi, but it’s rendering the pdf very poorly. The rounded bezier paths don’t seem to be holding up. All the rounded parts are getting squared off and choppy looking. Any ideas for why this could be happening? 

I have created 2 very large prezi’s with no problems… but while creating the 3rd of exactly the same sizes and formats, SOME lines, not all, suddenly pixelate. I’m creating images in Illustrator, and exporting swf files but still. Please help!