Why don't planets stay where I put them?


Can someone please explain why the planets don’t stay where they are placed (working in prezi desktop)? It seems to have something to do with the white circle outline shown in this screenshot:

When I click and drag to move a planet, this larger, offset outline of a circle pops up. It seems to be the actual placement point, as when I let go of my mouse the planet moves back to the spot at the center of the circle. However I cannot move that circle independently or with any precision. Am I missing something about how this is supposed to work? Because right now it is very annoying.

I am trying really hard to work with Prezi Next as I have started this series of presentations and don’t want to recreate in Prezi, but there are so many aspects like this that are a pain!

Venn diagram help/workaround

I have the same problem. All I can figure out is this is what happens in Classic when you use the 3D background and I guess the designers of Next assumed that everyone liked it. They are wrong! The floating topics have not made Next useless to us. Very sad, :frowning:

If you find a quick workaround, please let us all know!


I’ve had a similar problem. I can’t get rid of the “white circle icon” even when I set the opacity to zero.


I cannot for the life of me understand why Prezi chose to

  1. take away the path function
    and then
  2. create a totally arbitrary path for your topics that you cannot customize

Every time I try and move planets and stacks, it rearranges them in the overview. Then if I drag the thumbnail to the location I need it to be, it rearranges my planets and stacks back to some stupid position I don’t want them to be in. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this. I am working on a LINEAR TIMELINE for goodness sake, so why does it take my 1990s bubble and put it before 1970?!?! Why is content that is on the left of the screen not listed first in the overview? If it is going to re-order for me there should at least be some logic to it.

Here are some screenshots to illustrate:

See how the 1990s thumbnail is at the top of the overview even though it is not the first content item?

When I move it to the right location, this happens

Now the thumbnail is in the right place but the stack has moved to the left of my timeline.

This is so frustrating, I am getting close to giving up on this project in Prezi Next. Is there a work around or a way to turn off the automatic reordering of content?!? I have no idea why this is supposed to be helpful to us.

I noticed I can select the orange “path” lines between content but cannot delete it or customize. Again, WHY?!?!


Dear all,

we’re currently investigating why it occurs, we’ll update this topic as once as we can provide you a solution. We apologize for the troubles it causes you in the meantime!


Prezi destroys your own path as soon as you change the order in Prezi’s path or move your chosen topic too close to the (invisible) connectors.

An example: my desired path ist the green line in the background, the Prezi connectors are coloured red, yellow and orange by me. First of all I made four topics and arranged them, after that I tried to add new topics to MY path.

This simple example is already pretty bad, it frequently happens that your topics jump around your background if you change the path order. Crossing a (mostly invisible) connector with a topic causes Prezi to change its path, everything is mixed and you go gray again…


Thanks for putting this together as an example of this problem.

As a time-consuming but functional work around, I find I can usually force it to do what I want by moving it back to the spot after each time it rearranges it. Eventually it stays where it is put and I can get the path I want, but often I have to move it back 2-4 times before it behaves.


Yes, if everything goes right, and if you move the planet with the arrow keys and not with your mouse. But after playing a few rounds of “Prezi ball” it gets even better: zooming area and content can be separated from one another, often irreparable. Copying, inserting and deleting the affected parts lead to a dislocation again (as described above) and not always erases the separation.

If I lose this game in the next weeks, I’ll place Prezi Next on hold.


Hi all,

I hope I am understanding the issues frustrating you correctly. If the following doesn’t address your concerns, please let me know what I am missing and I will try to do better.

Prezi Next has gone a different route with regards to setting the path than Classic. We have made it easier for new users to create something great without needing to understand what a path is, but we also feel still offers flexibility for customisation. We are actively working on both making it easier to create a journey through your content, and have the flexibility to tell the story you would like to.

In the meantime however, if I am understanding some of the specific issues @Gerald_Gantschnigg visualised (which the original poster @Rachel_Benbrook seemed to agree with), the following should help.

The overview sidebar on the left is primarily intended as a way to manage your content, not your path. You can reorder topics there, but as you can see it doesn’t do a good job of adjusting path in the way you would like to. We should do better here.

Instead, to modify the path, we encourage you to interact directly through the canvas, by dragging and dropping. I created a short clip to illustrate how this would deal with the scenario in your first gif @Gerald_Gantschnigg.

As you move topics above the path, it shows the white circle to illustrate the “landing zone” for that topic. Topics then snap to the path, but can subsequently be moved to wherever you want them. The logic behind our snapping probably isn’t perfect yet, but we are tweaking it. I suspect this is the source behind the frustration @Rachel_Benbrook mentioned in the first post.

Finally, the behaviour @Gerald_Gantschnigg mentions in the final post looks like a bug. Our teams will try to reproduce and fix.

Please let me know if the above helps somewhat.


Thanks for your remarks on working on the canvas and for your gif illustration, @sebcachia, this helps a lot, and I’m pleased your

the separation of content and topic cover.

Reproducing this bug is easy if you use the arrow keys to move covers as shown in the second part of my “Prezi ball” gif. Mouse movement does not change the content locations itself whilst arrow keys do.


So I had an important discovery in terms of Prezi Next technique that made a big difference with my problem working with a linear timeline where moving topics manually could create a lot of shuffling. If I add a new subtopic through the overview sidebar I have a lot more control over the process. Here are a few screenshots.

Here is my timeline. Say I want to add a new planet between 1980 and 1990, or move the 1991 one to 1981 instead. If I click add it puts the planet at the end end of the overview and moving it will cause problems as others are shuffled around. Same if I click and drag the 1991 planet to a new location.

Instead, I use the overview. Hover over the thumbnail of the stack/planet that will be to the left of your new one then right click, then select New Topic:

This adds a new planet/stack in approximately the right location. I can then click and drag/copy and paste content to move this to the new location.

I also want to second what @Gerald_Gantschnigg said that you should use the arrow keys when moving planets around if you don’t want to change the path. It provides much more control than the mouse, although slower.

Understanding better how the path is displayed and what the white circle means was very helpful too, @sebcachia. Now, when I see that circle pop up I know it is about to rearrange my path and I can ctrl z or move it back to avoid all the nasty shuffling around of my hard won order.

I think maybe one of the challenges with Prezi Next is the learning curve, you guys should really put out some better instructional videos. Identifying techniques like this is really important to avoiding lots of frustration with this new platform. This one (https://prezi.com/business/kb/create-your-prezi/structuring/) that you send people to is very vague and really doesn’t address what to do when you need to insert content into an existing path or move stuff within a path without re-shuffling any other content.

Anyways, hope this guidance helps…Made a big difference for me.


Rachel, I agree and hope that better “learning curb” videos will come out. Even the “Classic to Next” webinar was not very helpful due to it concentrating only on what you do in Next. Everything they did in that webinar, I already had figured out, but there are issues such as this one that really needs to be addressed via video, webinar or even change in Next.

Thanks for this tidbit of info. I think this will help with a little bit of frustration that we have had. Learning curb frustration should never be at the level that I have both experienced and have observed in this forum. :slight_smile:


i want to make a presentation with some subtopic very close but when i try they repel like magnets. Please help me


Could you please send a short example screencast of this issue happening and also a link to your presentation?


This is a common issue; the software tries to make it look pretty for you, but that doesn’t allow you to do everything you want. It would be nice if ‘auto placement’ was optional.

When I want to reorder the subtopics, the location also changes, which is a pain in the ass as well.

So far I haven’t discsovered a workaround. It’s just being patient, and working through it a ton of times. Oh, one thing that might help - adjust the size of the topic cover.

Click topic cover settings - custom.
Then, you can select the subtopic and make it larger or smaller

But if you click it, you can also separately edit parts of the cover. It looks like this.

As you can see, the image I used is smaller than the topic cover. It would be nice if you could also make the image larger than the topic cover, but that’s not possible yet. Still you could check to see if your topic covers aren’t too large.



@Giacomo_Bertazzolo and @Lian_Beijers I’ve merged your questions and remarks to a thread discussing a similar issue, please see Seb’s answer above for further clarification. Let us know if you have any further comments.


Hi Seb,

Has the “path” issue in the overview been dealt with? I understand what you’ve said about the overview being meant to manage content, but that’s not at all how it behaves in practice. The overall view is fine for managing content. The overview sidebar however has everything to do with what the presentation looks like. Please see my question here in a separate thread (feel free to merge if that’s the better way to handle this): Change order of topics and subtopics

In practice, what you’re illustrating in the graphic doesn’t seem to me like it takes into account the content that might be in any given subtopic. When moving the circles as you suggest, the content swaps as @Rachel_Benbrook mentions above. So there are two problems occurring: The challenge of re-ordering, and the annoyance of having content swapped (and when I try to swap the content back, it just reverts back to the original order. Really. Frustrating.

I appreciate any advice you can give that clarifies or adds to the proposed workarounds (e.g. does more than refer me back to your post). It seems like a fundamental misunderstanding by Prezi that the Overview path is not…a path. In practice, it’s the same as an animation, but introduces a very useful new layer that could be achieved manually with animations but would be very time consuming. Why then would it not be a path?

Your help is greatly appreciated, in any case.


Hi @Christophe_Hille,
There is no change in the status of this since my last post.

I took a look through your other post and if I understood it correctly, the below might help. Let me know if I missed something.

The other thread you replied to was initially a question about subtopics. Subtopics are currently more limited in how they can be reordered. It isn’t as easy to drag and drop to reorder (as on the overview) and the only possibility is to drag around subtopics through the sidebar (with the repercussions you are already aware of).

However, in the example you shown, you seem to be interested in reordering the overview, not subtopics. Following the process I illustrate in the attached gif in my earlier post will work fine.

I will reach out to you directly to see if I can help provide a specific example which we can circle back to the thread with.

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