Why haven't my referrals received their verification emails yet?

Help please? They have entered emails and passwords but the verification emails haven’t come through

I have the same issue with a colleague and we have added ip address and it still hasn’t arrived

Owen, did your students ever receive an email?  I am in the same position right now, just waiting for the email.  If this didn’t work, did you find another product to use besides a Google Presentation?

My district is experiencing the same issue.  We have used the Prezi Edu licences for several years now.  Our students use their school email addresses to set up an account.  This school year; however, our students never did receive their email to activate their accounts. Is there a limit on how many Edu Enjoy licences are allowed per school district? I know we have created our fair share over our years of using the site.

My students aren’t receiving their verifications email. Well, one of them did, but we don’t know why. IT hasn’t whitelisted the IP address. Nothing is in the spam folders. What’s going on. I wanted to promote Prezi, but now I am frustrated and embarrassed that I suggested it to students.