Why I'm cancelling my subscription after trial - feedback

I would like to give some feedback, why I’ll leave my prezi subscription after my first experiences. It’s not meant to be salty, angry or anything - I’m a software developer too, and I like getting real and serious feedback.

The biggest reason are the missing features in prezi next (and in the web-ui).
no built in SVG support
I mean, in prezi its about zooming in, zooming out - but you cant embedd your own SVG’s, so that you can zoom in your pictures without let it look “pixly”. Some workarounds, given in this forum are old and do not work anymore. You’re using a web frontend as gui - so embedding SVG’s should be easy and free (as web viewer supports svg)
no support for own fonts
a company has its own CI/CD, mostly with its own font. But there is simply no visible way to embedd you own fonts (older workarounds by editing a css won’t work with prezi next).
no animations for bullet points
you can animate whole textboxes, but if you facing a bullet point list, you’ll have to make a textbox for each bullet point to hide/show it.
no align / distribution functions
when it comes to align your graphics to one line, you have to arrange yourself with the mouse - there is no arrange to bottom line, or distribute vertically function (like in inkscape or powerpoint)

Another point is that, if you google after these common problems, you’ll get many community-workaround-hacks and forum moderators reffering to them, after they “meanwhile reported it to the developer” 3 years ago - and nothing changed.

Another point ist that, I have to pay a full year - there is no monthly subscription available.
The subscription is really to expensive for the lack of the mentioned features above.

Maybe I could be wrong in some points, so I invite you to correct me. But there might be a chance, that there is no clear information on your site, so that a “prezi-noob” like me could not find these things.

Still, i enjoyed using it for a fresh experienced presentation and I’m sure you’ll get these stuff fixed / or better documented in future.


Agreed! So many of the posts on the community forum are regarding features Prezi Next doesn’t have compared to the free Prezi Classic. From a common sense POV, that makes no sense and users have been increasingly frustrated with the same generic response, “We have submitted the request __ months/years ago,” or with the workarounds you described (which are inconvenient and time-consuming most of the time). Temporary solutions and workarounds are just bandaids identifying a larger problem, which is their lack of development based on real user feedback.


Hi, Sintho

You are right. The same reason why I did stop my subscription. I can understand that the move from flex to other technologies can take time and has lots of obstacles and would take extra investment in development effort. But I was surprised to see the price raised by 50% percent in one go and that while delivering a low quality MVP and related service. The reaction on my question why this was the case was: because we never increased the price before (uhh!). But in my mind a price increase involves a product value increase, which was in this case the opposite. But that said, it made me look to other products and in fact seeing those made me realize that Prezi is currently trying to rebuild what they had in the past without looking to the future. When Next will be mature one day they will realize that in the mean time a lot of interesting concepts came on the market, which they won’t be able to challenge immediately.


I am not concerned by the elements described at the beginning, but I must unfortunately confirm that the regression on many points between Prezi Classic and Next.
With Prezi Classic:

  • even in the models, I had more choices. Whatever Prezi says, the new models are all the same because of the construction of the presentations
  • in the small functions that have disappeared, there is the PowerPoint import. It is described in the available functions. What is not clear is that it might be in the higher offers (which would be a new pettiness of Prezi)
  • if image rotation is possible in Next, it has become imprecise
    In short, full of regression. What is most frustrating is Prezi’s pricing policy: high prices for basic functions, unclear price policy. The worst thing is that for this price, there is no serious backup and no ability to recover erasures by mistake (this can be seen from the many messages on this subject).

Hey Eric,

I am also increasingly frustrated with the experience of Prezi.
You mentioned that you looked into other products.
I could not find a way to pm you but would still be interested in what products you think do a better job.
I’d love to analyze them as well.
Thank you!