Why image fades when zoom in on topic - how to stop?


Not sure how to recreate old Prezi functionality, please help. I want to zoom around a large picture (I inserted as pdf to keep resolution high). If I insert a “topic” around sections when it zooms there the picture behind fades away.


Could you please provide a link for the presentation? It would help us to assist you better.




Could using zoom areas as in this GIF be a solution?


Yes , how do I add zoom area? I want others to be able to advance and follow a path I set up. Also I saw a at one point how you could make a Table of Contents that could be hyperlinked to steps, would that still be possible with the zoom?


In this GIF you can see the already added zoom areas as well as new one being added:

But I am afraid, in Prezi Next it is impossible to create a Table of Contents in its traditional sense.