Why is image clarity reduced after inserting an image?

Why image clarity getting reduced when inserting an image?

Could you please share a bit more details and possibly a screenshot of this issue? What file type did you use? How does it look after inserting it into your presentation?

Image 1- when zoomed (before inserting to Prezi)

Image 2- When inserted into Prezi

Thank you for the screenshots. I’ve run some tests, downloaded the first file and inserted it to a presentation but the image appeared without the clarity being reduced.

Could you please tell me which browser do you use for editing?

Google chrome

Could you please share the link of your presentation with me so that I could have a look?

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For me, the same background that I used in Classic is crisp, but when I use the very same picture (jpeg, 15mb) is blurry, when used in Next. On top of that, Next no longer import my PDFs.

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