Why is inserting PPT slides different now?

When I want to insert Power Point into canvas, ppt is showed on right side, however it is imported as pictures, and I have to import each slide manually (on each slide upper right corner is blue until it is dragged to canvas). There is no option Import all, with options to create path and use different layouts nor text on slides is editable. Just 2 weeks ago this was working as it is on tutorial.

I preferred power points inserted as prezi slide. Powerpoint was my way of importing text and pictures quickly. It takes way to long to do each slide on prezi. I want to be able to modify my Powerpoint pictures and text once inserted.

Dear Vanda,

thank you for your reply. I must say that I don’t see why did you change this feature as it was very convenient to work this way. As K Geralds says, it saved a lot of time in preparing completely new Prezi. When imported as a picture is stays PowerPoint and you can’t improve it to great Prezi. I hope you will reconsider this change as it is not faster, nor easier and absolutely inefficient so there is no positive side in importing PowerPoint anymore. 

Vanda, I see the benefit to both sides. Please consider allowing user to choose which input method they would like to use.

I agree, I’m new to prezi and this is one of the capabilities that made my mind. I’ll have to seriously considering canceling without this feature. 

Another scenario to include the old way of importing PPT slides, would be when you are converting a 4:3 ratio PPT to prezi 16:9 wide screen format.

Importing PPT images means nothing, as you have to recreate each prezi slide to fit 16:9 widescreen format. If you have a fairly large presentation to produce in a short time, this is a huge inefficiency.