Why my prezi doesn't zoom in the next subtopic


Hi all, i am a new user of Prezi Next and i have found this particular problem, i have googled about it (perhaps in a wrong way) and didn’t found anything helpful.

My issue is simple (at least i think so) but i find myself unable to resolve it. When changing between the first subtopic of my topic to the second one (i’m using planets), it doesn’t zoom into it, it just shows the circle surrounding the subtopic, the same happens when changing to the third subtopic. See the screenshot below to clarify my poor explanation, sadly, as a new user of this forum, i only can upload one image, so i can’t provide you with the appropriate sequence of screenshots…

Additionally, here’s a link to my presentation: https://prezi.com/p/ryuuz8csjpxa/

Anyone knows what the problem may be? Thanks in advance.

PS: I’m using the free Prezi Next on my web browser, not even the 7 days free trial.


@Daniel_Zamarreno I tested the presentation and could see the content of your subtopics both in Edit and Present mode.

Please make sure that there are no firewall settings that could be blocking any features in Prezi.

If you are still experiencing the same issue after the necessary settings, please let us know.