Why Prezis dont switch to full screen mode like youtube videos (non-invasive)?

It is very annoying to click on the “Allow” button when switching to full screen mode (below the message “Allow full screen with keyboard controls”)

When switch to full screen on a youtube video there is **no need** to click on a button, the message “Press ESC to exit full screen” disappears after some seconds.

Question now to development team:
Maybe prezi uses StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE;

**But why? **
In Prezi full screen mode I also only can use ARROW KEYS, ENTER and ESC.
The same on a full screen youtube video.
So why the different behaviour for Prezi?

(see http://www.leebrimelow.com/flash-play… )

Hello Manuel B,

yes I agree this can be very annoying - but my understanding is this is a flash browser / restriction and not because of Prezi.  Imagine if an application or some intentionally bad code could make a browser screen ‘full screen’
and take all your controls away - it could then take over your system without you being able to intervene (something similar to this anyway) - so as a security measure every time this is called for you must confirm that this is what you want to happen. With a Youtube video I don’t think this is possible in the same way (as a risk) and so looks a little differrent.  This may become easier in the near future with the way Prezi works - please keep a eye out for new developments.

Hope this helps



Don’t forget that (if you haven’t already) you can upgrade your license to
get more features (own logo, privacy and more space for your Prezis -

Hi John,
I’m a web developer myself and know the ground and background, but your assumptions -sorry- are wrong.

YouTube and Prezi use the same Flash Player.

The difference is, that it seems to be that the Prezi Online Flash application uses the  StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE flag, and the Y ouTube Flash application not. (Remark: the Flash Player runs the Flash application, and the Application is developed by your developers)

So the only one who can answer this is a developer.

I know that 1st Level support should keep away as much as possible from 2nd Level support, and that noone should disturb the developers :wink:

But I think this is an inconvenient behaviour which is often discussed and criticised. Maybe noone thought about it, why it is built in that way.

Another workaround could be that there is the ability to switch from the small box in which a prezi shows on prezi.com to a bigger. YouTube offers this as “cinema mode”. Maybe this is enough to watch a prezi without full screen mode.

To watch a prezi now in this really tiny box destroys the beauty of Prezis, and you HAVE to switch to full screen mode. And I dont want to write to all my Prezis: “When you switch to full screen mode, please click on “Accept”, you can trust it. I know this is unusual, but thats how it is”

Kind regards


Agree with Manuel.  Used Prezi in Webinar yesterday and found it very frustrating not only to have to keep clicking the allow button, but losing focus in full screen when I touched the Webex Participant or Chat box.  And it’s just not the same experience when NOT doing it as full screen.

Looking for another presentation tool that is more flexible.  Love the effects, but it doesn’t play nice with Webex (and Prezi meeting is not an option).

Two cents.

When I click a Fullscreen button in Prezi, or when I click a link to play a Prezi presentation, I know that I want fullscreen use and I won’t be fooled by phishing. Therefore there is no need for the intrusive notice that requires a mouse click to allow fullscreen mode. I don’t want my customers to have intrusive and uncomfortable experiences. Please find a way to eliminate fullscreen notices. If you think there is a need for them, at least make them an option for the person who designs the presentation, so they can choose whether to show them.

Fullscreen notices are a very ugly introduction to Prezi presentations and you should have some shame for using them, IMO.