Why should I use stacks instead of planets?


I really don’t understand why I shouldn’t always use planets; what are the advanteges of using stacks?
From what I got stacks have only limitations over planets:

  • they cannot have sub-stacks or sub-planets

Thanks for any suggestions of casew where stacks are better then planets.


I personally use Stacks at the lowest level of my presentation. This is in general I guess, so not always. But many times it makes sense for my work if I don’t plan on creating any further subtopics, the Stack basically indicates that these pages all belong in the Topic or Subtopic that doesn’t delve any deeper, and then you move on from there. I also like how they’re clean and they zoom directly to the 16:9 aspect frame immediately, which is sometimes preferred. Stacks help keep the movement of the presentation to a minimum, so it might be more appropriate for some audiences than others, or a topic that isn’t a good fit with the energy Planets bring. Otherwise, taking a “mix & match” approach is fun too… Hope that helps!