Will I be able to open a downloaded prezi from a USB after my free trial finishes?


I know that you can’t edit a Next presentation when your free trial finishes, but I have a doubt. If I create and download a Next presentation with the free trial, will I be able to open it from a USB and present my work after my free trial expires? I need an answer fast please, thanks!


Hi, from my experience, I copy the link in a Word page, and I save this Word page in my USB. When you will connect your USB, you must open the Word page and click on the link and it will be succeed ! (you just need an internet connection)


Yeah, that’s the point, I can’t trust in my highschool internet connection, I need to download it and be able to open it from a USB without internet connection, just like was Classic prezi.


I am in the same situation than you lol this is the case of a student … You can do that but you need to pay for display your presentation offline …


Ok well, back to the old power point school days boi


All the presentations you create and export for offline use will be usable even after your free trial expires as the files you already saved to your hard drive/USB are not affected by the validity of your license.