Will I have to pay if I cancel my subscription during the trial period?


Hello Prezi,
I’m wondering about a very important thing on Prezi next. After I cancel the subscription to a free trail, I won’t receive the charge that I would pay at the end of the trial period in any case, will I?? I know it’s a stupid question, but however weighty too. Thanks in advance.

Will I be paying for 2 licenses in the future?

That is correct, if you cancel the subscription during the trial period, there will be no charge.


I upgraded my Basic acc with a free test subscription and directly terminated. Now there is an invoice amount do I have to pay?


I have checked your account and as the free trial was canceled, there is no payment.


Hi Prezi, same question here. I deleted my licence right after the approval, still in the trial period. I still have the amount that I have to pay and I wondered if I’ll be charged on the 20th of October 2017. Thanks in advance


I can confirm that your subscription has been canceled.


Hi Prezi,

Can you please confirm my account as well?



@Rachel_Lim your subscription has been successfully canceled.


Dear @Vanda,
Can you also confirm if my account was canceled?
I’m afraid. I know that I will not have to pay, but I’m insecure. See it for me, please?



@Duda_Febrone I can confirm that your subscription has been successfully cancelled as well.



Hello Prezi, I subscribed then i immediately cancelled while still in the trial period. do i still have to pay because i was just testing my card. can you please check it for me. it would be really helpful. thanks prezi.


@amni_syazwina don’t worry, your subscription was successfully canceled.