Will my presentations be stored after my trial license expires?


Hi Prezi team

I have a business trial license. What happens with my presentations created, when my trial license expires? Are they being stored and if I will buy a license let’s say in 2 month, are they still there?

I ask because I want to play around with Prezi and then, as soon as I got a Go for the project from my customer, I will buy a license and proceed with my work.





Hi Roland,

When you account expires you will not be able to create new presentations, nor to edit existing presentations. However you will still be able to log in to your account and access your existing presentations.


Hi Luanda

OK. That sounds good. So to be clear, I will have access to my presentations without being able to edit or create new ones. As soon as I buy a license, I then will have the possibility to edit the existing ones again? In other words, I will not loose my presentations created during my trial license, correct?

Sorry for asking again and again, but I want to be 100% sure :slight_smile:

Thanks again.



Hi, Roland. Yes, you are correct :slight_smile:


Hey! And what will happen to the privacy settings please? I guess they will remain private for the existing presentations?
If i ‘downgrade’ from a free trial STANDARD to the free version BASIC, i will also still be able to create new presentations (but only online en without privacy), correct?
Thank you. Kind greeting,


If you choose to downgrade to Basic after your trial, your existing presentations will become public. Also, you will be able to create new (public) presentations right away, that is correct.


What a quick response, thank you. It is a pity they become public…

Kind greetings,

Sofie Debaeke


Hello! I want to know if by canceling the subscription to Prezi my presentations are visible to other users and what is the minimum time of permanence in the account?


As it was explained here, until your license is expired/canceled, your presentations are in a sort of hibernate mode, they won’t change their privacy but you also won’t be able to edit them.

Once you choose to downgrade to Basic, your presentations will become public. You can choose to delete these anytime you don’t want them to be available.