Will my videos play when I present on another computer?

I have a question regarding inserting/playing videos onto my Prezi.

When I save a video onto my computer at home, then insert it onto my presentation, will the video still be able to play when I present it on the computer at school? Taking into account the fact that the video is not saved as a file onto the computer at school.

So I am wondering whether or not the video will only play in the Prezi when I present it at home, rather than when I also play it on the school’s computer.

I don’t want to show my Prezi at school, only to find out that the video won’t play and I’ll have to copy & paste a link instead.

I hope I worded my question good enough!

Thank you, 

Leah Isip

Hello Leah Isip,

when you load a video in to your Prezi a copy of the video is sent to the online Prezi servers to live with your Prezi - this means when you show it again using a browser (internet connected) the video can be sent to the browser from the Prezi.com computers (servers) - so it should work for you. 

Some schools have strict security when it comes to online content and so some Prezis may have a problem when being shownwhen using the internet.

If you want to be really sure that it will work you could use a Portable Prezi. You could use a CD / DVD or USB to bring it in - in the portable Prezi files the video will be downloaded so that it is always available to the portable Prezi player (unless you are using a Youtube video in which case you will need to have an internet connection (streaming)).

hope this helps


Ah okay. Thanks!

Hi ,

I have a similar question regarding to videos. When I upload my video to Prezi and I start my presentation the video is played only once. Is there any way to have it played continuously? Moreover I dont knwo how to make my video appearing… Let me explain youa  bit clearer- I want to show a picture and after click see a video (but not seeing it since early begining) . JUst like it is in this prezi http://www.ascb.org/ascbpost/index.php/compass-points/item/150-how-to-use-prezi-to-make-a-dynamic-ep… where first we see a figure "at the sites of pre-exisiting carboxysomes, and then we see a youtube video. How to do that? 

Thank you in advance! 


Hello Anita,

if I understand you correctly you will need to use the fade in feature in Prezi - you can learn about how to use it here: http://bit.ly/1fhW7hV

Using a frame you can fade in your video and either manually start the video using the play button on the video or put a path point on it which will center the video and auto start it for you.  Currently there is no way to loop a video I’m afraid.

hope this helps


Cool! thanks a lot! But now I have another trouble… When my video is in the frame with other images it doesnt start immediately. I need to clicl play manually and of course it’s not what I want…


Hello Anita,

don’t forget you have to put a path point on to it (directly) in order for it to autostart - try that and let me know if it works…