Will Prezi Classic be shut down soon?


With all the great features (audio, favorites, comfy online inport of graphics) let go by transitioning to Prezi Next (which might be a huge step forward for all those wanting nice presentations set up as easily as with Powerpoint and closing security gaps by moving away from the Adobe Flash plugin) I still miss the point: paying (more) for getting less - convenience and living my own creatity - I am almost to scared to ask: will Prezi Classic (apart from the fact that new sign-ups don’t get access to it, anyway) maintained further on or closed down any time foreseably soon?

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We have no plans to stop supporting Prezi Classic. You should be able to edit your Prezi Classic presentations with no issues.


Does this mean that Prezi Classic will continue to receive updates and improvements?


We will continue to support Prezi Classic, but our main focus at this time lies in further improving Prezi Next, as the Flash-free platform allows for more innovation.


Sounds like that is codeword for “YES! we are just not telling you how long you have until we do shut it down.” Unacceptable! You are making our decision of whether to stay with Prezi or go onto a different platform much easier.


No codewords here, @RobinsNest_Pro, we have no plans to shut down Prezi Classic.


These may not be codewords, but in another thread, you said that Classic would not be updated. Meaning that Classic is out of date (which it is) and there will be no effort to keep the amazing options that are in Classic that Next does not nor according to so many threads cannot have. Classic will soon be so outdated that you will not have to close it down as it just does not function any longer and new subscribers cannot use it. When will there be an update to Next? What will the updates be? What can we look forward to? Is there any timeline? I am trying to to get answers for my boss so that we do not leave Prezi completely, but so far answers are not coming. . .


I would like to second that we don’t have any plans to shut down Classic.

Next is not only a shift in technology away from Flash, but the foundation for an amazing experience we would like to give all of you.

We are learning from everything you all loved in Classic, and from everything you didn’t. Expect some of the features you are missing from Classic to make an appearance, and you will I am sure also be delighted by other features you won’t be expecting.

Like many of you here, many Prezillians first fell in love with Prezi through Classic. Beyond sharing emotions, we are also listening, reading through your posts here and elsewhere, and drawing inspiration from the content you create. All of this is helping to drive the experience we create in Next.

Even though we are confident in the future of Next, we have taken steps to protect the investment you have all put into Prezi Classic. Although we are convinced the future is in Next, we have everyone’s back covered as we take this journey together.


This is good to know. . . honestly, I am a bit skeptical due to other similar experiences from other companies when they completely changed their product. I am hoping that Next’s updates come very soon because right now it is USELESS to us.

The big question for my team is, “Will Classic be updated or will it just go stagnant with the hope that all who have used and love Classic will either leave the Prezi platform (hoping it is just a few) or be forced to lose creativity and conform to the current Next.” There are MANY functions that classic has that has caused NEXT to instantly be inferior to Classic when it comes to creativity and usability. Those of us who became Prezi evangelists are finding it very difficult to admit that we even use Prezi Next because what wowed our trainers and audience with Classic is no longer doable with Next.

I do hope that updates will be coming soon. The window is very small to prove to your loyal subscribers to convince us NOT to leave Prezi. I have yet to make a NEXT presentation that our trainers like and can work with as much as with Classic. I have shown them a Next prezi and the comment was, “Oh, it looks like PowerPoint was updated.” That is a telling statement.

We were hoping that because Classic’s tech is becoming so outdated, that Next would be a natural and easy migration, but we cannot even migrate our Classic versions to Next. This was MAJOR shock since in my 25+ years of presentation development, I have NEVER had a software company NOT have a migration plan for it’s cumstmers.

With the common response in the forum dealing with multiple problems with Next being: “Next cannot do XYZ, sorry for the inconvenience” day after day, it does NOT sound like Prezi really does care about Priziliian’s years and years of investment in your company. To prove you really do care about your subscriber’s loyalty and creativity through Prezi (as were did in Classic), PLEASE show us SOON that you are listening and bring back:

  • Make the overview OPTIONAL and do not require to go “phase back” to the topic or subtopic slide when going to the next topic
  • A Blank Template
  • Photo Editing
  • PDF Background ability (Zooming into a background now is TERRIBLE)
  • Audio capability
  • The same kind of path tool as Classic (many of us DO NOT use Prezi for conversation or analytics)
  • Smoother and faster zooms (this is very irritating with a crisp PDF and yet now with Next the PDF is pixeled when it is not with Classic)
  • Photo cropping
  • Planets/Stacks/Paths that do not float. (Many of us did not use or like the 3D version, due to the type of presentation)
  • Font sizes
  • Spell check or the ability to use Grammarly as we could in Classic

These are some of the things that we can no longer do without trying to figure out time-consuming “workarounds” and is now causing my boss to say “Let’s just go back to PowerPoint. The new Prezi is not that different now.”

Prezi is only as good as how its subscribers are able to build and be creative with it. If Prezi Next just looks like a souped up version o fPowerPoint, you can be sure that Microsoft will continue to compete by developing newer transitions as it did with their MORPH transition.

We want to stick with Prezi since we have been using it for years now, but if we cannot be sure if we can use Next as well or better than Classic, then our company will be looking elsewhere. You say that you have our backs in our investments and yet NOTHING has been shown as to HOW that is happening beginning with the surprise reveal of Next.

So far the journey has been rocky at best. We hope that there is a better path ahead.


Classic will not receive new features, we are investing that effort into constantly improving Next. We did however spend a lot of time ensuring that both products could be used side-by-side because we aren’t planning to take Classic away.

Additionally my colleague Zsofi has already shared that we are already planning to improve the interoperability between Classic and Next, hopefully making it easier for you all to move existing content into Next.

Thank you for the summary of the other features you feel are missing. The community team has been keeping us in the product team posted on the top requests coming in here and we have carefully been monitoring the different threads. Some of these items were already on our roadmap, and we have added others specifically because we have seen that they were top requests here.

Keep the feedback coming, we consider ourselves really lucky to see the passion shown by longtime users here and elsewhere, and we are using that passion to fuel the great stuff we have in the pipeline. Keep a close eye on how Next evolves, we have every intention to do that passion justice.


Thank you for your quick and honest response. It encourages me and allows me to speak to my boss with better news than the responses that we have received over the past few weeks. I look forward to seeing how Next will evolve in the next months.


@sebcachia - I’m going to make a contentious point here - but as a product manager, I would have thought your responsibility was to “learn everything we loved in Classic” BEFORE you built Next?

That’s exactly what customer feedback loops and forums are all about.

I understand your desire to move off the flash platform - I get it - but Next appears to be exactly the kind of product that is the result of a lack of engagement with existing customers prior to releasing your product. It seems like your focus groups (if you ran them) must have only consisted of a specific segment of users and potential future target customers - because from the feedback you are getting in this forum it’s quite obvious that any existing users would have immediately told you what NOT to remove.

I sincerely do hope that you are listening to us as you say you are - my only question is why didn’t you ask us before you released Next as a product?


@Andrew_Vorster it wasn’t actually a matter of removing anything. Next was built from the ground up, some features were built first, others will follow :slight_smile: We are lucky to have a really diverse group of people use Prezi who have influenced what we built so far and will continue to do so. Launching Next was not the end, but the beginning for us.

We understand that coming from Classic, nobody will switch overnight. That is why both products will continue to exist side by side for all existing users so you can continue to use Classic until you feel Next is ready for you. We are pretty confident you will fall in love with Prezi through Next all over again.


Before making a decision on whether to use Prezi Classic or Next, you should be clear on what Prezi Next doesn’t do. Check my blog article: Read This BEFORE You Start a Prezi Next Project.



I am not going to spend a lot of time reiterating what RobinsNest covered so well about our concerns are in terms of the limitations of Next, and the things that are so great about Classic. I am a professor in the Arts, and was an early user and promoter of Prezi in my classrooms, over 6 years I have had at least 50 students per semester required to learn and use Prezi, mainly because of how creative they could be with Prezi. Next just doesn’t cut it, it really feels like a slightly more interesting version of Powerpoint, and that makes me sad. I am going to trust that you are actually going to continue Classic until our content can be converted over, but I’m certainly not going to spend a lot of time making Prezis in Next without the ability to migrate the content I’ve spent hundreds of hours creating, and that I am PROUD of! I have to tell you that I have a bad instinct about all of this, and I truly hope that you can make my feelings of uncertainty go away soon.


I want to begin creating a resource library through Prezi Classic. However, it looks like new accounts do not even have the Prezi Classic option which I think is a huge mistake. Thankfully I have an account in which I can still create Prezi Classics. Before I begin this resource library, I need to know what Prezi’s long-term plans are for Classic. I do not want to create something that will not be supported down the road. Thanks.


While we have no current plans to stop supporting Classic, it was built on technology that will eventually become obsolete. If you’re planning to use and edit your resource library for many years to come, I’d recommend you start building it with Prezi Next.


Sorry to fuel this discussion a little more, but sadly I had to read it elsewhere:


There will be a BUSINESS BRANCH of Prezi offering those lost features, like AUDIO and CONTENT LIBRARY.

Prizes are not mentioned, but after doing some cross research I found that other software developers in the presentation area are offering those features, like editable templates for a 40 bucks a month subscription fee.

Why couldn’t you just tell us, instead of “inconvenience” our worries politely away … this is so pathetic!

It took me almost two years to convince a German middle school into investing into Prezi for a step away from PowerPOINTLESS presentations. Now it seems pointless to continue.


Sorry for the confusion, @Ingo_Hubert. Prezi Business is our Prezi Next package for teams. While certain features are indeed only available with this package (commenting, Live Prezi, PowerPoint import, Slack integration, and centralized billing), audio and content library aren’t among them. Hope this helps!


Ok, sorry for taking it the wrong way then.


Prezi (Classic) still has all the features that allow freedom of creativity like no other tool compared. I just hope that at least for the time being the ADOBE FLASH PLUGIN will be supported for many years to come. It has been since the first word was out about its lack of security.

Kindest regards