Will Prezi Classic be shut down soon?

But if I can not import (at least a flat version) of my Classic files (that took weeks and weeks to create) into the Next version…
I kind of take that as a sign how important you would take me as a client…


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I do indeed feel that others feel the same way about this and I am so very sorry about that but I can’t help feeling that I should start rewriting my content to Powerpoint as well, because at least they guarantee that shit is also displayed in future versions…
This upward compatibility is important for us as serious users :-S

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We are going on year 3 with this issue. We have been looking for alternatives. . . It is clear that Prezi really does not think this is a priority even though they say it is important. . . :frowning: Yeah, Prezi, I hope you read this. . .

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I’m very frustrated. I have the Pro plan and the “Chat” link under support is non-functional. Flash will be EOL soon. What affect will that have on Prezi Classic? What are Prezi’s plans to replace “flash”? In what time frame? If Prezi is not planning to replace flash, why? What affect will that have on Prezi Classic? What is Prezi’s strategy here? Let’s have a straight answer… enabling flash every time I log in to Prezi is ridiculous.

Seems like Prezi has links readily available to talk about billing but it’s a long “hunt & seek” to get any actual roadmap support/information. Every day, I seem to be piling up reasons to convert back to Powerpoint.

A serious look into good, meaningful information to your subscribers should be taken. Many of us are tech savvy and Prezi’s lack of providing a plan is concerning. How can you possibly have a product which people pay for not keep people informed in a better way. I should not have to create this message. Proactive… someone please shoot that word and it’s definition to your senior leadership team. Is this the beginning of Prezi’s demise?

Hi @Homer_Enriquez, I merged your post to the relevant thread.

As Adobe is planning to discontinue development and support of its Adobe Flash technologies at the end of 2020, we are no longer actively developing nor providing new features for Prezi Classic. However, you can still continue to create Classic presentations within Classic.

We are actively exploring ways to make it easier to bring Classic content into Next but we don’t have a specific timeline or solution to share.

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YEP! One reason why we ended our subscription is lack of transparency of what our monthly subscription is really being used for. We no longer can count on Prezi’s plans since they have refused to share what they plan on doing beyond “Sorry for the inconvenience, I will pass on your concern/suggestion to our development team.” Prezi says that Next is better and different. But as you can tell as you read through lots of threads that it is not. :frowning:

Hi all!

I have been a prezi user since 2013 (I think I have had an account earlier than that though). I am a PhD student in Canada, and I use prezi classic for all my presentations, conferences and, especially, for teaching. All of my courses are on prezi, and my students love it!

I am very worried however, about what will happen after flash player will end next year. I use the student mode and I do not have prezi on my desktop. Also, I only use prezi classic as I do not find prezi next to be as good as the original. Please let me know if I will be able to continue using prezi classic online (editing and presenting) or will I have to find something else?

I highly suggest that you work towards making prezi classic compatible with non-flash (or to find a way to turn prezi next into classic because it is, objectively, a much better form of prezi), because a lot of instructors rely on it.


Adobe has just announced that it will no longer support Flash Player by the end of 2020. It is thus expected that most technologies will evolve to an open web standard by that time. Can someone tell me what will happen to Prezi when Flash Player is no longer available? Is there a plan to move to an open web application?


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After reading this thread I‘m still very confused. Will I still be able to edit and present my prezi classic presentations with an old prezi classic programm? And on top of that, why can‘t I access chat or phone support although I have an active Premium license?
Thanks for your answer


Hi @Christian_Marcolli, we have no plans to shut down Prezi Classic. As Adobe is planning to discontinue development and support of its Adobe Flash technologies at the end of 2020, we are no longer actively developing nor providing new features for Prezi Classic.

However, you will be able to continue using Prezi Classic and we have no plans to discontinue. For an optimal experience, we encourage you to use the desktop version of Prezi Classic. :slight_smile:

We are sorry for not being able to reach us. Please try reaching out to support via chat or phone again, our agents are online.

Thanks for the reply this was very helpful as we almost only use the desktop version.

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Flash is on the way out. What will happen to my hundreds of hours of work-Prezi Classics? Will they be unusable? WIll there be any way to transfer them to Next?

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Hello @Marcus_Back_Hjorth, I’ver merged your question into the relevant thread. Please see the replies above.

Prezi’s statement, ” , we have no plans to shut down Prezi Classic” is very misleading since it will be shut down by flash. Or will it, What happens by the end of 2020, Will flash be deleted or do we get a grace period by Adobe as well?

I left prezi when Next was announced, but I miss it very much.

I miss a blank canvas, spitting out ideas and then make a sensible path through it ending up in a splendid summary, I miss it a lot!!! For me prezi was both the tool to organize thoughts and a way to share them. It was marvelous.

PLEASE listen

I may restart even if classic has a end of life sentence in 14 months.

Thank you for replying to this; I see this response is in 2017. Is this still the stance of Prezi to continue to support Classic Prezi’s? And do you recommend us not to create new work in Classic but try to start getting comfortable in Next?


Hi @Erica_Compton, we merged your post to the relevant thread. Please see my post from earlier this year. We recommend trying Next since we’re no longer actively developing new features for Classic.

But isn’t the problem that once flash is no more your content is not secure anymore either, no answer for this… Also what do you mean portable presentations don’t require Flash player so you should be able to play them even after Flash is no longer supported.

We will be able working with presentations online, or only if we have download prezi in desktops?

What about prezi’s that we have until now? We can’t transfer in prezi next…some of them need to make changes … What we 'll do with them?