Will Prezi Classic be shut down soon?


@ezekiel_mascoll No, Prezi will definitely not be shut down!

I reiterate my question : with your new WebGL viewer, does that mean we will ONLY be able to View and Edit OLD prezis? or will we be able to MAKE NEW CLASSIC prezis ??

You can continue to create Classic presentations within Classic, but that is based on Flash (not WebGL). Our WebGL Viewer works for both Classic and Next presentations, but only in View mode. There are no plans to rebuild the Classic editor in a different technology.

However, as @Agnes mentioned, we are looking into ways to make it easier to bring Classic content into Next. We are actively exploring possibilities at the moment, so I don’t have a specific timeline or solution to share, but I look forward to sharing a more specific answer with the community soon.

Hi Sebastian, Agnes, The Prezi Bosses and Prezi Team,

Please can you reassure all the loyal Prezi Classic Customers and Users, like myself (a Pro Subscriber for over 8 years), that you will create a solution where we can still use Prezi Classic fully in the future, even after Flash is discontinued. And by fully, I mean that we can all create, edit, modify, present, save and update Prezi Classic presentations - and use Prezi Classic EXACTLY as we do currently?

Please confirm that you’ll take care of your Loyal Customers who need Prezi Classic to continue to function exactly as it does now, and has done for many years. As a Professional Keynote Speaker on Creativity, Innovation, Sales & Guerrilla Marketing, I’ve built all my presentations with Prezi Classic and continue to do so, so it’s essential to my work and life.

Looking forward to hearing from you,




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Hi @Shed_Simove,
Protecting user content is a top priority for us at Prezi. We have already guaranteed that Classic content can continue to be viewed and presented independent of Flash’s demise by through our release of the new WebGL based viewer I mentioned in my last post. Enabling editing that content without the Flash based Classic editor has been a a bit more difficult, but as I mentioned, we are also currently exploring what it would take to import that content in to Next, before the demise of Flash, to ensure that content can continue to be edited and reused.

Hi Sebastian,

It’s not just about protecting past content, although that’s vital, it’s also crucially about shoring up your software (that many people rely on for their jobs) so that in the future, those Users can create, edit and present NEW Prezi Classic presentations.

I use Prezi Classic via Prezi Desktop, for both directly editing and presenting, so can you assure me and other loyal Users that you will ensure Prezi Desktop will continue to function with Prezi Classic so that we can both edit and present from it after Flash flashes off?

And as an aside, why can’t you create a HTML5 Version of Prezi Classic so that everyone who uses Prezi Classic can continue to do so?

I believe that there are many people like myself who need Prezi Classic to continue and so please reassure us that it will not be compromised in any way from how we currently use it.


Hi @Shed_Simove,

I understand your anxiety, many of us at Prezi (myself included) first fell in love with Prezi long before Next was released, so in addition to being something that preoccupies us professionally, this is actually also a personal issue for us.

As a short term fix, we did actually invest in trying to make sure that Prezi Classic’s desktop app would be as resilient as possible after Flash is gone. Despite our investments in this space, it is not possible to guarantee Classic will work, under any circumstance and indefinitely. We do however think that it realistically ensures that nobody will be surprised with a short term change in availability.

I already mentioned above that there is no plan to ‘rebuild Prezi Classic’. We rebuilt Prezi using new technologies, we call it Prezi Next.

There are two particular things we want to ensure we at Prezi are paying special attention to, both of which we mentioned already in this thread:

  1. We want to protect the time and trust everyone invested in creating their content using Prezi. Already today viewing and presenting Classic content is completely independent of Flash. After letting users import and edit their Classic content in Next, then everyone will also be sure that they can edit and reuse parts of their old presentations in new Prezi presentations.

  2. In addition to being built on different technologies, Next and Classic are also somewhat different functionally, both do certain things the other can’t. Since launching Next, the list of items unique to Classic has continued to get shorter, and we don’t consider this job to be done yet. We do actually pay attention to these forums, in addition to other sources of customer feedback. There are a couple of items in the Ideas section tagged as under discussion, they genuinely are a pretty good reflection of feedback from the community we are currently exploring. Many of these are features which fall into this bucket of ‘Things we miss from Classic’.

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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for tour reply. It’s still not clear enough I’m afraid. You dodge and fudge the important issue at hand here, that you’ve created a ‘new improved’ version of the software that doesn’t keep the functionality or usability of the software Users like.

What’s very odd is that you Guys decided to build a new version of Prezi that left out the features loyal Users like myself have used in the past, continue to use - and want to use in the future, for example:

  • A Clean Simple Canvas That Can Be Added To As The User Wishes
  • Thumbnails Of Slides On The Left In Path View

In a nutshell, you and the Team need to create a version of Next that exactly mimics Classic (or allow Next to support this functionality) so that all Prezi Classic presentations can be easily opened, edited, played and updated through Next EXACTLY as they were on Classic.

The only thing that needs changing with Classic is it to be updated to HTML5.

Can you do assure us Loyal Users that you’ll do this?


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We agree with Shed_Simove! You have already all but lost us as a customer along with all of the customers who have asked us how we have created the amazing presentations. We no longer have amazing training presentations with Prezi because Next cannot do what Classic does and Classic is not accepted by many presentation formats that conferences will not accept Prezi due to incompatibility. We have had to redo so many Prezis into PowerPoint due to this issue. . . Please listen to Shed_Simove and make the changes quickly and you just may get many of us back. Until then, we are looking and use other software. . . :frowning: Very sad.

Shed, this has been asked over and over again, don’t hold your breath on assurances. :frowning: Good luck.


In exploring this more with @Shed_Simove I think it is fair to state that his main pain is the difference between how Classic and Next enable editing of the path. Topics don’t allow for the flexibility Classic allowed for, and Zoom areas, while flexible aren’t usable if you create an entire presentation with just them.

The above speaks to the second point in my last reply, in fact the under discussion link I shared shows predominantly issues directly related to the above issue of path. As, indicated by their status, this is a need we are actively aware of and are looking into. In fact, in another thread, I shared a teaser of a favorite Classic template of mine which I have pulled in to Next - https://prezi.com/p/lt8adlohlsw_/iceberg-template-next/

While we work on making Next even better, perhaps one day good enough to meet the needs of even our most passionate, advanced Classic users, there are two other important things to remember: (1) We have invested effort in ensuring Classic remains available side by side for all existing users, so you are not forced to switch, and we invested in trying to ensure we have extended it’s longevity to the point of technical possibility. (2) We want to make sure everyone’s investment in creating great content is kept safe, we have already successfully ensured this content will remain view-able and presentable and as discussed in other threads here are also looking into ways to enable reuse and editing of that Classic content.

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@sebcachia I think it’s time you start studying about failed product which care more about corporate “vision” rather than actual customer demand. Good example is Nokia. Since your whole team is unable to create a simple “version of Next that exactly mimics Classic in HTML5” the only thing you can expect is demise of your company along with this brilliant invention. Good luck…


Echo all that has been said. As a once active user of Prezi, I have now not made a Prezi presentation in the last 12 months - been using PP again as at least it is acceptable to most conference organisers and I now no longer have that dreaded hour or so beforehand trying to make sure Prezi will work. Such a shame as I really enjoyed presenting with Prezi but, it now feels old and clunky and I cannot risk investing time in developing new presentations in software that is rapidly ageing and increasingly well beyond its sell-by-date. Do you have any recommendations for alternatives?


But if I can not import (at least a flat version) of my Classic files (that took weeks and weeks to create) into the Next version…
I kind of take that as a sign how important you would take me as a client…


Hello @Hans_West, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I recommend you to check the discussion above:

I do indeed feel that others feel the same way about this and I am so very sorry about that but I can’t help feeling that I should start rewriting my content to Powerpoint as well, because at least they guarantee that shit is also displayed in future versions…
This upward compatibility is important for us as serious users :-S

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We are going on year 3 with this issue. We have been looking for alternatives. . . It is clear that Prezi really does not think this is a priority even though they say it is important. . . :frowning: Yeah, Prezi, I hope you read this. . .

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