Will Prezi Classic be shut down soon?

After flashplayer expires, will the prezi classic presentations still be available to use?

Hi @Nia_Stringfellow, you’ll be able to use them, we have no plans to shut down Prezi Classic. We are also looking into ways to make it easier to bring Classic content into Next. We are actively exploring possibilities at the moment, so I don’t have a specific timeline or solution to share, but I look forward to sharing a more specific answer with the community soon.

Many, many thanks for that clarification!!!

So basically, i can still present – but will have a hard time (impossible) trying to edit/update any prezi classics.

Hi @Thom_Didato, yes, you’ll definitely be able to present. For the editing, I don’t have the right to share an exact update with you, but we are actively exploring multiple solutions. :slight_smile: I hope this helps!

Dear @kostas_Zigouris, My company offers a service to convert Classic Prezis into Prezi Next. They are fully editable upon conversion. Take a look at the example and information here: Convert Prezi Classic to Prezi Next

Robin Pierman, Prezi Expert at TeachMePrezi

@Thom_Didato, I highly recommend upgrading to a paid Prezi Classic subscription and using the desktop Prezi Editor. This eliminates the Flash problem.

Google just announced they are not supporting Flash player. Everything in Prezi Classic is in Flash. Does this mean that all that I have built in Prezi Classic is going to be unusable?

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Hi @Christopher_Carr, I have merged your comment into the relevant topic. :slight_smile:
You can see my colleagues’ answers above, hope they answer your question.
Let me know if you have further questions.

I am very happy to hear this from a prezi employee. Thank you for your honesty! As a customer since 2010 I hope to be able to trust an enjoy prezi - as prezi should be (classic) again soon!

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Hello community, we have some great news to share!

There’s no need to worry about your Prezi Classic presentations even after browsers end all support for Flash, we are currently working on the process of making it possible to open and edit your Classic presentations within the Flash-free Prezi Next editor. In addition, we are also working on implementing some highly requested features in Prezi Next such as the advanced controls for the navigation path or animated GIF support.

You can check our blog post for more details :slight_smile:


This is fantastic news guys.

I like many will be so pleased to hear this and particularly as you won’t be dropping the many people who helped you on your way to a great product.

Kind Regards

Robert Alexander



Hi Shed_Simove,

I understand your reaction, but I hope you will make peace with our offering as soon as you’ll see what are our plans with Prezi Next. Which is in fact: to bring it closer to Prezi Classic. To give you an example: we will add another view to the left-hand sidebar that would be much more similar to the Classic Path editor, to make sure you can conveniently edit your Classic paths in Next.
The next article in our blog will come up soon, and it will reveal some of those features that we are adding to the Next editor to make it closer to the Classic editing capabilities and experience.


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Hi Zsuzsa. Please can I make another plea for you to ensure that Prezi Classic lives on in the form that it currently is, and then is updated by your Teams in future, as before? Any other solution is likely compromise the ability of your long time customers to use the platform with their existing Classic presentations or build new ones in the future. I’m all for you creating an update to Classic that doesn’t use Flash, if that’s what you have to do to keep it alive and well, then adding helpful features into the current Classic model, like being able to add animated gifs and having my native computer fonts to choose from when writing text. Shed

Hi Shed_Simove,

Our Prezi Classic editor that is not using Flash is called Prezi Next. :slight_smile:
But I’m also sure it’s better to continue this discussion once you’ve seen the upgraded and enhanced Prezi Next. We guarantee you will be able to edit your classic prezis conveniently and create new ones, without the need to add topics, but use all the benefits that Prezi Next offers you.


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Hi Zsuzsa,
Thanks for your message.
Can you post on here when this version is available to test?

Thanks for staying open! :pray:
We will let you know as soon as we get there. Our teams are continuously working on making this happen. I also recommend you to read the upcoming blog posts in this topic that will reveal a few more details.


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Hello community, we have more news to share with you!

Please check our latest blog post to know which Prezi Classic features we are bringing into Next to offer you the best of both platforms :slight_smile:

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Is There a way to convert all my Prezi Classic presentations into the Prezi New? So many years of work that I would like to use in 2020. My plan is Free for Education. I would like to make and use my Classic presentations in a new video.

Hey @Pastor_Kris_Belfils it’s not possible as of yet, however please check Zsuzsa’s and Catarina’s posts above, such as this one as it’s a feature we’re working on currently. We’ll keep you posted once we have any updates :slight_smile:

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