Will Prezi fit my needs?


I volunteer at a free clinic and we are looking to create “videos” for a television that was recently donated containing educational videos and information about the clinic. It would be playing while patients sit in the waiting room.

I need to be able to create a presentation with “video” slides (embedded directly or YT links) and informational slides (announcing specialty clinic days, etc). The videos would need to be able to play automatically without clicking play. The presentation should be able to autoplay and (ideally) loop so our volunteers don’t need to mess with it after loading it up each morning. I need to be able to set custom times for each “slide” (aka 1:30 for video slides and 30 secs for the informational slides).

I’m hoping that with Prezi, the information will be able to be easily edited by members of our team to update upcoming clinic days. Google slides couldn’t set different times for each slide and VLC was complicated to update.

If prezi doean’t meet most or all of these needs, does anyone have suggestions of how I should go about creating such an easily edited presentation?

Another consideration is (as a free clinic) we don’t really have money to spend on this…

Thank you!

Hi @Darsani_Reddy,

Even though it might take a little extra time as the autoplay feature is only available in the Plus package and currently it is not possible to set a custom time for each slide, you might be able to achieve what you described with a free Basic license and some extra magic as well.

What I would recommend you is to create a presentation with the YouTube videos embedded (you can do that with a free license as well) and then use a screen recording software and make a video of you going through the presentation in the desired pace.

If you use a software that supports audio (we usually recommend Camtasia but there are dozens of great and free options out there), you can even put background music on the video.

The screencast then can be played on loop on your TV screen. I hope this sounds like a good solution for you!