Will the new Prezi android app play a portable prezi without having a personal prezi account?

I have a colleague who doesn’t have a prezi account, but needs to run a portable prezi presentation on his Surface2 tablet. Will the prezi app allow him to do this?  

Dear Sean,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

About the Surface 2:
The Surface 2 device runs Windows RT (the mobile version), for which we does not have Prezi app.

About the Portable Prezi:
It is not possible to run them on a mobile device. To be able to present a prezi on your device, you need to download it from the cloud. If you tap on a prezi this process will start. Once you fully download the prezi, it will be available for offline presenting as well. Depends on the content size of the prezi and your internet connection’s bandwidth, it may take a couple minutes.

Happy Zooming,
István Csúsz