[WIN] Black camera in Webex


I am using Webex for a presentation. All of a sudden, I am not able to share my camera, the screen is all black. I have checked and I am using Prezi Camera.

Can you help me?

Hello @catarina_julio, could you please let me know if you are on Windows or Mac?
Can you share a screenshot of the issue? What do you see in Prezi Video?

Hello Bart,

Thank you for your prompt response. I use Windows.

Thank you.

Thanks, @catarina_julio, could you also check which camera is selected in Prezi Video?

Are you using an internal or an external one?
Could you check if your camera works in the Windows Camera application that’s installed by default on your system?


And thank you again for your response.

I am using an internal camera, which is the only one that can be selected in Prezi Video - and it is selected.
Yes, the camera works in the Windows Camera application and in all other applications, I just made a test with Webex and Jabber. Also, my team mates are facing the same issue. Everything was working well until march, we needed to use Prezi Video on a Webex meeting and this happened for the first time. The problem maintains.

Hello @catarina_julio, I’ve reported this case to our developers and will update this thread once we have any news.

Hello @catarina_julio, there is a new version of Prezi Video for Windows, could you please uninstall your current version and install the latest one?

In this version, there should be a menu option where you can disable Media Foundation for camera handling as per the attached screenshot.

Could you please disable Media Foundation and see if that solves the issue with the no camera image?