[WIN] Change install directory

how to change the destination folder in Windows 11 installer.
Installer does not provide such an option.

Hi @Dimitrios_Kyriakis1, I’ve created a new topic for your question.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the destination folder for Prezi Video on Windows 11. Thanks for your feedback, I’ll make sure to pass it along to our product team.

So that was not the case when I started using it on windows 10.

Please fix this because it is not always possible to be connected on internet all the time.

Good Luck.

Hello @Dimitrios_Kyriakis1, could you please clarify if you are saying that you could change the install folder on Windows 10?

Please also explain what you mean regarding the internet connection.

Hi and good morning.

My system is Windows 11.

I log in into my Prezi account and from within the Prezi video section I choose to download the Prezi video app in case I needed to work offline.

The link downloads an installer program which actually after executing it downloads some files and attempts an installation that finally comes up with an error 1603 (if I can recall well).

I tried to bypass the problem when I read in prezi forum that it is possible to make the installer work as soon as

  1. any previous installed file associated to prezi will be deleted and
  2. if I change the target directory for installation.

Both didn’t work.

In the case of the changing the target directory, i commented that the installer is an automated process not allowing to choose or even change installation directory.

So In my case I feel that is needed a link to download the full installation script and not an automated installer that downloads and tries to install video prezi automatically.

In case there is such a link I would really appreciate it to have.

Best regards.

Hi @Dimitrios_Kyriakis1, I’ve sent you a PM to better assist you.

Please check your inbox :slight_smile: