[WIN] Crash desktop app by moving quickly through multiple views

More often than it should, the desktop Prezi Next editor crashes on Windows. One way to reproduce the problem is open a presentation in play (not edit) mode and fast forward or backward through the views. The easiest way to force the bug to happen is just hold down the forward and back arrow keys.

When the app crashes for me its often when I’m moving between views and these reproduction steps I believe is a way to replicate the problem.

Hi @JJ_JJ, could you please let me know if this happens with all of your presentations in the Prezi Next desktop application?

Could you please send me the Engine logs of your Prezi Next application? You can find them in the following location: C:\Users{username}\Documents\PreziPitch\Cache\EngineCache

Hi Bart,

I can reproduce this with any presentation. I went to the log file and it was zero length. I reproduced the problem and attached is the new log.

(Attachment enginelog_erjbek02.wrp is missing)

@Bart How do I send this file, as this forum rejects most file types.

@Bart - Could not attach the file as this forum reject most file types. This was all there was in the log after the crash:

Hi @JJ_JJ, could you please send me the log files via wetransfer.com?

Please make sure you are creating a transfer link by clicking on the 3 dots and select “Get transfer link”

Here’s the llnk: https://we.tl/t-8hAZQVvLWj

I tried reproducing the defect today and it’s not happening across 5 presentations I tried so far.

Thanks, @JJ_JJ, I have reported this issue to our developers and they are looking into this.

I’ll get back to you if we need any more information or if we have updates on this.