[WIN] Orange layer on camera / using template from PVL file

Yay !! Thank you to the developers for adding audio to embedded videos ! and also for adding GIFs and icon and stickers and many other general improvements :grin:

With the new Prezi Video a few problems - I hope they have easy (quick) fixes…

  1. I have a bunch of PVL files that I had created/saved in April and May - and that I have used many times in successful lessons and presentations. They work fine in the new version. However my favorite template is no longer in the list to select from… It still shows up and works in my PVL file. But if I ever change to look at a different template I can never get it back… And if I create a new PVL file I cannot select my preferred template. I hope the solution is - just download a bunch of (legacy) Prezi-Video templates from somewhere on the internet and add them in … Or else “export” that template from my saved PVL files ?? I dont know… But I would like to see that template again in the list … Any thoughts ??

  2. Trying out Prezi Video and my integrated camera suddenly started showing everything with an overpowering ORANGE filter… So I restarted Prezi Vdieo and - still there… So I restarted my laptop — and problem still there… So I checked other camera apps - and they showing normal color (not orange)… Anyway - no matter what I do I cannot get it back to normal colors. Every PVL file… even I create a new PVL file… and only in Prezi Video… How can I fix this ??

fixed number 2 above - the orange filter - the solution was to deselect the camera. Seems strange, I was surprised it was even possible because I only have one camera (the integrated camera on Dell laptop). But - seems like - deselecting it and Preezi Video continues to work fine ( with video of me presenting still there). So now everything is back to normal, no longer orange…

So if anyone has any ideas about the old Prezi Video Templates … :sunglasses:

For anyone who has the same problem - until a more elegant solution comes up -
Here is my work-around: I make a copy of one of my old file that contains the no longer available template, and delete all content in it except one slide that clearly shows the template. Then I save that as: old_template.pvl and also set that file to be read-only…so I do not accidentally over-write it or delete it :wink: . And then whenever I want to use the old template I start with that file and do a save-as for the first save… Not ideal, but workable… To check the look of other templates requires 2 steps… first duplicate the PVL file I am working on in windows (so I can change back without losing all the slides) and then play with the new duplicate file to checkout how the other templates look like…

About the Camera has orange filter problem described above. It keeps returning but is fixable each time, though a little annoying. . Again, doing my work-around as follows - (1) de-select camera - (2) close/reopen the file… also important is this: make sure the FIRST slide has no content on it… as in no image or video etc. Just a plain empty slide.

Overall thoughts on this new version: It is absolutely amazing !! It now does everything I need/want. It seems very stable and I really :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sparkling_heart: love it !! The issues described above are just annoyances, not really serious problems.

Finally, here’s one feature suggestion that would smash :boom: the ball out of the park - is this : Right now there are 3 viewing options… Speaker only, Overlay and Presentation only… When the Overlay setting is in use I would like a Swap button… That swaps placement of: the Camera-feed AND the content-window. And (obviously) hitting that button again should swap it back… The rationale is that is during presentations I am commenting on a video (my content) and by the camera I am the main picture and the video (my content) is small in a window… Then my options are - enlarge it by one mouse click - or go to Presentation only so my content takes up the whole screen… MY suggested Swap button would add another possibility that live-camera-feed shrinks down to the small window (still on screen) and the video or image (my content) takes up the main part of the screen.

Congratulations to the DEV team … This new version is totally amazing. I really love it :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Thanks, @Shaun_Mack for sharing these workarounds and your excitement about the product, we’re glad you like the new developments. :slight_smile:

If there is a template that’s not available anymore but you have a PVL file you should be able to access it with your workaround. You can also reuse a video made with the template from prezi.com and it should receive the same template.

For the camera orange filter, could you please post a screenshot showing where it is happening exactly? Could you also explain a bit more in detail what are you doing exactly when you apply your workaround to fix this issue?

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Yesterday this happened about the orange problem - I was on real zoom call (not just testing like before ) and I temporarily LEFT the meeting so I could RE-JOIN with a different PVL file loaded… upon loading the different PVL file (before rejoin) everything was orange :scream:. I tried my workarounds … ie. de-select camera / restart prezi-video / ensure first slide has no content, etc …but they did NOT fix it - so I rejoined the meeting anyway (appearing all orange ) – and I apologize to others about being orange “sorry it is a software problem on my side” … others in meeting have a big laugh at my problem… Then I continue presenting . I share a screen and show some images etc… and then after about 5 minutes… People comment that the orange problem had gone away… The orange only ever appears at startup , but I did not know before that it can go away by itself.

Hi @Shaun_Mack, could you please let me know your exact computer details and your camera model?

Could you also tell me which Prezi Video version do you have on your device?

Could you also explain a bit more about what you mean by de-selecting your camera? Do you switch your camera from Prezi Video to the integrated one in your Zoom call, or do you switch your camera in Prezi Video itself?

Can you also share a screenshot of the issue?

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Sorry not sending details sooner. The “everything goes orange” problem I described has not shown up in the last few days, even though I did 4 or 5 zoom calls, using prezi video, during that time… Prezi Video is “latest” version

I am using DELL XPS 15 9570 (about 2 years old)
|Processor|Intel(R) Core™ i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz|
|Installed RAM|16.0 GB (15.7 GB usable)|
|Edition|Windows 10 Pro|
|OS build|19043.1165|
|Experience|Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0|

Hi @Shaun_Mack, in that case, let’s see if the issue comes back at all. If it does, please take a screenshot or record a small video that shows this orange layer and we would be able to go forward from there. :slight_smile:

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No problem ! I am onto it … whenever it shows up next I will take a screenshot :+1:

Ok I have a screenshot… how to upload ?? It is full face picture so for privacy I sent the screenshot to @Bart via DM , rather than post in public forum …

Also I was on zoom for over one hour - it stayed orange the whole time. I tried TWICE to: exit meeting and deselect camera and pick different prezi video and rejoin the meeting … stayed orange through all of that…

And I just restarted prezi video now - after my zoom meeting finished - and now has gone back to normal colors… hahaha… it is a mystery !!

and now (15 mins later) I restarted Prezi-video again to show my housemate… and again it is ORANGE :rofl::jack_o_lantern::joy::jack_o_lantern:

Hello @Shaun_Mack, I’m sending you a PM so we can further investigate this :slight_smile:

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I have replied to your PM - sending the screenshot also to you

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Hi @Shaun_Mack, I’ll send you an email shortly so we can better troubleshoot the orange layer issue on your camera.