[WIN] PPT Not Removing Background in Transparency Mode

The background removal feature in transparency mode is not working for me with PowerPoint.

I created a single PowerPoint slide with no PPT template, just the default white background. I added one test element and imported the slide into Prezi in background mode. The background was not removed. It is translucent of course in transparency mode.

I am using the latest desktop version of PPT. (Office 365 PowerPoint build version 2108). I tried it several times with the same result.

I did the same thing with Google slides and it worked just fine. The background was removed as expected so I believe I’m using the feature correctly.

Hello @Justin_Strong, could you please send me a screenshot of how that looks when you import it into Prezi Video? Could you also let me know if you are using Prezi Video in a browser or as a desktop app?

This is a screenshot when viewing a PowerPoint slide in transparent mode.

I am using the Prezi Video desktop version.

Thanks, @Justin_Strong. Would it also be possible for you to send me the PPT? It might be possible that the background is a different type of object.

Here is a link to the presentation.

Hello @Justin_Strong, I’ve imported the presentation, and it managed to remove the background on my end using the transparent view mode.

I can recreate your screenshot if I click on the slide inside my camera view on Prezi Video.

Could you please import the PPT again and select the transparent view mode directly?

Could you also let me know step-by-step how did you reach the point when you’ve had the translucent background in Prezi Video?

I have same issue. Windows 11 ppt background is not removed when importing into Video. Does the background in ppt need to have a specific format ? background removal does not work either with your ppt templates, btw.

update: ppt background removal works on Lenovo Win10 with web version of prezi video. not on MS surface win11.

I fixed the issue by going into Settings → Advanced → PowerPoint Conversion and unchecking Local Conversion.


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Hello @Justin_Strong, thanks for sharing the fix, I’ll forward this to our product team.

Hi @Ingo_Bernhardt, could you please try the workaround mentioned above? You can turn off the Local Conversion in Prezi Video.

Another fix: background removal works in desktop app (win11) if ppt is converted into Google slides and then imported into prezi video


I am having the same issue - happy to try this workaround but this is not sustainable. I hope you can rectify this.

I tried this - it just freezes the Prezi app - are there any updates to this problem?

Hello @Peter_Laughter, could you please share a screenshot of what is happening exactly?

Could you try to turn off the local conversion as @Justin_Strong mentioned above?

I did. It did not work. All that would happen when I did this is the app would freeze when I went to transparent mode. However, I found that if I opened a new slide, turned on transparent mode and THEN imported my presentation it did work. So, with a lot of experimenting and acrobatics I got it to work.

Thanks, @Peter_Laughter, I’m happy you could find a workaround, I’m forwarding this to our developers.