[WIN] Prezi Camera missing in Go To Meeting / Go To Webinar

Hello I would need some help about using Prezi on go to webinar.
How can I change the webinar`s camera to prezi virtual camera?
How can I enable this camera on go to webinar and go to meeting too?
How can I show my presentations on prezi to webinar platform?

Hi @Aurora_Plaku, could you please check this article detailing Gotowebinar and this for GoToMeeting?

Hello again,
We followed these steps shown on the article for the go to webinar platform and we noticed that our webinar platform (licensed) doesnt automatically recognizes the Prezi Video Camera. We couldnt change the preferences as shown in the screenshot below

Hi @Aurora_Plaku, this issue might be related to your other issue regarding the WebView2 missing component, so let’s see if that troubleshooting helps with this as well. :slight_smile:

thank you Bart for your support,
I am explaining our situation, I have downloaded Prezi video in my personal laptop and works computer. Prezi video in my personal laptop is working very well, my laptop has the needed components , I can open I can present on zoom, than I needed to present on webinar and go to meeting. I couldnt do this on webinar because it doesn`t show the prezi virtual camera option, on my laptop which has the components and prezi is working.

On the other side when I login to prezi and prezi video on computerS work , I cannot open at all Prezi Video cuz it shows directly the Missing component message and it doesnt allow me for further actions.

I am not that convinced that could be the missing component problem still I am going to to consult your idea with the IT.

I thank you one more time for all the quick support.

Hi @Aurora_Plaku, thanks for the context. Does Prezi Video run already when you try to select it as a camera on Go To Meeting?

Could you tell me the exact version number of Go To Meeting installed? What happens if you click on Advanced next to the camera name? What happens if you select 16:9 as your aspect ratio?

Hello, thank your again for your support. I am sharing this review to let you know that we were able to activate Prezi on Go To webinar.
It was our first time that we used Prezi on go to webinar, and the Prezi camera wasn`t showing as an option on go to webinar. So what we did was to try Prezi on go to meeting which had the Prezi camera option, after one session on go to meeting we noticed that Prezi camera was activated also on go to webinar.
So in this case it helped a lot to use Prezi for the first time on go to meeting, than on go to webinar.
Thank you .

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Thanks, @Aurora_Plaku for sharing!