[WIN] Prezi Next Desktop app crashing

Hi there,

after installing the Prezi Next Desktop App, it starts to run, but then it stops:

Running on Winwdows 10.

Thanx für your support.

Hello @Hendrik_Dockhorn, could you please share the exact technical specifications of your computer so we can better investigate the issue? Thanks in advance.

Hi Agnes, here we go.

Hi Agnes, any news?

Thank you, could you also let me know if this happens when you try to log into the app or you have trouble installing it? Could you also provide us with information about the RAM, please? Thanks in advance.

The installation was fine, no problems. When i start the app, the Prezi-Logo appears, but then it fades out.

I got 16GB Ram
It shall run on a Laptop.

Do you call this support?
One answer per week?
We are a company with 138 employees.
I wanted to switch from PowrtPoint to Prezi, but you helped me to stop that change!
You are not a serious company, more something like kids party…
I am out.

@Hendrik_Dockhorn I am very sorry for the late response, please know that we currently do not offer support during the weekends.

However, if you have urgent issues, I would recommend you to use the in-editor chat that is included in the Plus subscription on weekdays as you can get immediate support there, while the forum is normally a bit slower.

We would recommend a reinstall and restarting the computer and if it does not work, please contact us via the support chat so we can investigate more efficiently.