[WIN] Prezi Video quits when importing PPT

I’m having the same issue. Prezi was sorking fine until now. Just try to import a PowerPoint and it cashes everytime. I use a PC, not a Mac. Can you help ?

Hello @Isabelle_Bujold, I’ve created a new topic with your issue as the previous one was about Mac computers.

Do you get any error messages when your Prezi Video quits? Could you please let me know the exact version number of your Prezi Video installed?

Hi Brat,

I reinstalled Prezi last night, so I used the last version available on the website and it did the same thing. I don’t get a message, it just crashes and closes the program. I had to save all of my PowerPoint presentation as jpegs and inserted them one at a time in Prezi because I had to use it last night for a presentation. Never had this issue before.


Hello @Isabelle_Bujold, thanks for the details and your workaround suggestion.

Could you please try without local conversion?

  • Click on the top left menu (hamburger menu) in Prezi Video
  • Go to Advanced -» PowerPoint Import -» Local conversion

Please untick this one and see if you can import the PPT this way.

I have the same problem using a PC. Local conversion or not. Version!

Thanks @Daniel_Borkeby, we’ve reported this issue to our developers and we will update this thread once we have any news.