[WIN7] Prezi's exe file fails to open

The .exe file generated by Prezi cannot be loaded on a Win 7 64-bit computer with version, as the window crashes after loading. However, a previously saved version,, can run without issues.
After extracting the Prezi.exe to a folder and replacing the prezi.exe in the folder with version, the program can run normally too. Can you help me solve this issue so that I don’t have to replace the version every time?

Hello @Jiuyi_Liu, thanks for reporting!
Could you please share with me the exe file or a link to the presentation so we can test in on our end?

You can send me a private message with a download link to the exe.

Hello @Bart .This is the exe files link:exe files. Thank you for your prompt response and willingness to test the presentation on your end. I appreciate your effort in resolving this issue.

Thanks @Jiuyi_Liu. I’ve forwarded this to our developers.