Windows cannot find 'content\Prezi.exe'

I have created a presentation using Prezi for work and for some reason one co-worker can’t open the portable Prezi. He receives the following error: Windows cannot find ‘content\Prezi.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

A screenshot of the error, including the DOS error:

I have no problems opening the portable Prezi, neither do other co-workers, so the problem does not lay within Prezi I think. Any idea what the problem could be for my co-worker?


Hello Lisa de Rijk,
with a portable Prezi, once extracted - all the files and folders must be kept together so that the initial start file (.exe file) can find all the content it needs. Your colleague may have seperated this files in some way?  So they need to be together as you first extracted them from the original .zip file. 
Trying to load these files over a network can also cause connection problems in some cases.
Putting these in the same folder / location should solve the issue.
hope this helps

All the files and folders are together on our network. Like I said, I have no problems opening it, another colleague has no problem opening it, so I don’t think the problem lies in Prezi, but in Windows.

If I see my colleague who has the problem again I will try opening the portable Prezi from a USB to see if that works. If that also doesn’t work I guess the problem lies in Windows.

When I put the portable prezi on a usb he has no problems opening the presentation, so only when he wishes to access it on our company network. Again, other colleagues have no trouble accessing it from our network drive.

We have found the problem. I had send him an email with a hyperlink to the location of the Prezi on our network. Whenever he would use this hyperlink he would be unable to open the Prezi. When he navigates to the folder in the ‘old fashioned’ way using explorer, it works fine.

I’m having a similar problem. All the portable Prezi folders are together exactly as they were extracted, so I should be able to hyperlink to the Prezi from a powerpoint, but the hyperlink displays the same message your colleague keeps getting: Windows cannot find ‘content\Prezi.exe’.

I still have the same problem if I put both the PPT and the Prezi folder on a USB and redefine the hyperlink to use the USB files exclusively. Is there a fix for this?