Workaround for MULTIPLE PATHS in one prezi

I have one big prezi, which I present - dependent on the audience- with a different narrative/path. As of now, I always have to store them as different prezis (taking up huge space). Is there a way just to save different paths descriptions or versions for a given prezi?

Can you send me an example of what this would look like?

I have been using an open source tool called SpicyNodes that can be used to pose yes/no type questions to the user in a bubble form, and depending on what the user clicks, the software retrieves a new set of relevant “bubbles” posing additional questions, and so on until the  recommended answer is provided. Here is the one I started to create for my library at the University of Rochester to find the best business database from a long list of possible ones: (follow the “company information”/in depth/US/public/ etc. to get the idea). Unfortunately “SpicyNodes” is going away soon and I have not been able to find an appropriate substitute. Someone thought Prezi could do this, but I have not been able to replicate this kind of step by step, leading the user interactively, to the right “answer”…

Can anyone help with this question? Thank you! Bob Berkman, Business Librarian, University of Rochester (NY)

Paul–Thanks–if you follow company information/in-depth/U.S. etc. you’ll find multiple levels. Can you email me directly at so we can chat more about building Prezis? Thanks, Bob

I am exploring Prezi as means to explain a complicated biological pathway. There are many interconnected nodes and countless single pathways to travel. If prezi had clickable buttons to add to a presentation that would take you to a specific slide, that would be perfect. I think the addition of buttons like that would greatly increase the functionality of the program and the possibilities for dynamic presentations. Hopefully the devs will consider this for future updates.