Workaround for remote presenters not talking "page up/down"

I use a Philips SNP6000 remote presenter. I like it because of its additional functionality as remote mouse: It recognizes your gestures like a Wii so you can make e.g. use of clickable swf’s in your prezi. Unfortunately it sends “arrow up/down” instead of “page up/down” and you cannot reconfigure it. As a workaround I use the freeware “keytweak”. It allows to change the interpretation of a keypress, in my case from “arrow up/down” to “page up/down”, and my prezi works fine!

Hi, I have a Philips remote clicker and the < and > buttons zoom in and out rather than move me along a path.

I am not sure what is meant by a “workaround” and how I can get “freeware.” Please translate, thanks!

Here is what I did to make my philips presenter to work ( you might need to change the vendor_id / product_id check… )

1- Install keyboard mapper ( )
2- Open private.xml (a link is in the 4th tab)
3- Paste the configuration ( maps the Philips SNP3000U )



Up/Down to Right/Left in MY_PHILIPS_PRESENTER

DeviceVendor::PHILIPS, DeviceProduct::MY_PHILIPS_PRESENTER
–KeyToKey-- KeyCode::CURSOR_UP, KeyCode::CURSOR_RIGHT
–KeyToKey-- KeyCode::CURSOR_DOWN, KeyCode::CURSOR_LEFT

4- Reload the XML in 1st tab.
5- press check box on the setting to activate it ( first in the list)

A good idea for prezi developper is to allow to choose which keyboard key is mapping previous and next slide.