Workaround for subtopic depth limit

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a solution to a common problem that people seem to have brought up in the past, namely that there seems to be a depth limit to the sub-topics.

I was hoping to make a presentation that “zooms” from the large-scale Universe down to the smallest scales, explaining what we see in each step, with the option of also exploring several sub-topics at each scale (like exploring different planets or different galaxies). Unfortunately, it can’t be done in a seamless way with a traditional presentation. However, since there’s a subtopic feature in Prezi, it seemed like Pezi is the right software to do it.

However, it seems like when I reach a depth of about 10 subtopics, it becomes impossible to edit the content any longer. Is there a solution to this problem besides restructuring the entire presentation to be something different or more like a traditional powerpoint presentation? Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

Hello @Otto1, you should be able to work around this issue by using Zoom Areas instead of topics.
You can structure your presentation in a similar way, but you would not be tied to topics and subtopics.

Here is a nice guide about this.

Hope this helps!