Workaround? Hyperlinks to websites force me to exit full screen Present mode

I am teaching a three-day workshop and have created hyperlinks in my Prezi presentation; however, when I click on them, I am forced to close out of “presentation” mode (using a Mac and Safari) to access the Web sites through the hyperlinks. Is this my only option? I have lots of material that is much easier to show participants how to access the information, and I was under the impression that the Web site would appear in my presentation without having to exit the presentation mode. Is this not correct? Is there a workaround or something I’m not doing? Thanks! David

Thanks for your response, Vera. I’m not quite sure why, then, Prezi has this feature if it doesn’t usefully access the hyperlink within the presentation. Seems there are a number of complaints of dissatisfaction when there’s no real utility. I’d appreciate you all making it work as it would be hugely beneficial and powerful. Thanks.

This is a big issue. Seriously. The problem is not that the link opens in another window - that’s to be expected.  But when you go BACK to your prezi you are suddenly no longer in presentation mode. How come? It’s totally annoying & interrupts your presentation to have to ‘re-click’ presentation mode. 


Could you just have the link open in a new window while keeping the full view presentation open in the original window? It does not have to stay within the presentation, although that would be ideal and awesome. Can someone at the company just provide a quick, decent fix for now as I just described? Thanks.

Hi Vera - 
It’s not a minor interruption, unfortunately. I work with clients that are not the most tech savvy. And when I present to clients it makes me look as if I made a mistake.

Let me refine. Perhaps these executions would work for Prezi and users in the meantime? 

  1. Prezi rebuilds the page layout and UI, so it looks like presentation mode but it’s really a regular page. Here is an example:

  1. I just embedded a large iframe on my site, can go to the Prezi, then I’m able to send that link to client and use that as my presentation mode for bigger impact. This allows me to go to links and then go back to presentation mode. It also allows them to do the same.

I hope this is helpful. #2 seems to be be my workaround for now.

Any other advice from you is appreciated.


I agree with this 100%

I have the same issue… wondering why can’t I right click on the link in my presentation and choose open in a new window? That seems pretty standard with every other software and website. That way, after I’m finished with the link, I’ll just go back to the window that had the prezi presentation?

I’m also wondering how many people do a presentation that is NOT in full screen mode? Seems like a solution around this would help out a lot of your customers.

Except that it can be done in PowerPoint. So why is it technically able to done in PPT and not Prezi? For a person who present often, it’s almost enough to make me not use Prezi anymore

Yes seriously. Why hasn’t this been fixed? Workarounds are awkward. 

Has this been resolved? Is it possible to view web pages while still inside the Prezi presenter?