Workaround to fix the error "Content too big or small"

Hi, I’m trying to edit a project I made about 18 months ago.  Back then I can remember there was a hack to get around the too large/small error (think you added a box then scaled it down) but now I can’t get around it.  My presentation still displays fine but I can’t edit it.

Here’s the presentation:

Is there any way of disabling this artificial restriction?  It’s the main drawback to prezi.

LOL, so the hack still works, but the UI to do it has changed, just draw a line somewhere and delete it and the error goes away.

I have the same problem. but I don’t see your answer posted here. It’s really frustrating. 

Hello, I have the same problem. Have tried to zoom in and out.

I wonder I zoom in too much on my canvas…

Thank you for help!

Hello hi! Can you help me asap!

Help me please. ASAP!

I can’t do anything to my prezi. It was wayy too small! Please help!