Writing Greek characters

I want to create a presentation in greek but the greek letters can not be appeared only the English letters appear on the presentation what can I do ? It’s really important

@Rafaela_Papadimitrio Sorry for the inconvenience, currently these are the fonts that you can use for Greek characters:


Crimson Text

Droid Sans

Fira Sans


Nanum Go

Liberation Mono

Noto Sans

Old Standard TT

Open Sans

Open Sans Condensed


Roboto Condensed



I hope this helps!

Thank you very much!

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I want to make a presentation in Greek and in most of the places of text the greek letters are either not showing up on the screen or showing as a weird symbol

Hi @Drosos_Drosinakis, I merged your post into the relevant thread, please see my response above!

When i write greek the letters arent recognized. I see squares,

Hello @lygeri_vasilopoulou, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

We have several fonts you can use with Greek characters, please check this video to know how to access them.

Hope this could help!