You guys are awesome!

Prezi has just changed my workflow completely. I would say it’s the best organization tool hands down. I just nailed this video, by laying everything out in Prezi, and allowing my client to make changes to the outline with me on the fly, moving over 200 elements around in real time. I could not have organized all this material, and worked through it with the client, without it.

I’m currently working on a presention for my local videographer/editor user’s group on Photo Video Management Workflow in a 2.0 World, focusing on my modern tools to manage photo videos. It’ll deal with Flickr, Dropbox, Youtube, and Animoto, but with the greatest emphaisis on Prezi. Thank you so much.

Do you have any plans for some sort of editing or graphic design package? The best thing about Prezi is it’s so malleable and intuitive… I’d love to see these ideas incorporated in platforms with different objectives!

Thanks for your kind words! We’re thrilled you’re enjoying Prezi. We don’t comment on future feature releases - we just note down your suggestions. Thanks!