Youtube playback restricted on exported Prezi

I need to embed the following video in a Prezi Next:

I use the Prezi Next Desktop App to do so, and everything goes fine, except that when I export the Prezi to exportable format, and run it, that video gives the following message:
This video contains content from WMG. It is restricted from playback on certain sites or applications. Watch on youtube
I did some investigation myself and I understand that it is probably due to the restrictions imposed on the video by its owner on youtube.
In fact, that video plays well inside the Prezi, when I present the Prezi from my web prezi dashboard. Also if I embed the Prezi in a web page, I can present with no problem, and the inserted video shows up well.
So apparently the video cannot be played from certain applications.
I have some doubts though, since I noticed the following:

  1. I understand there may be restrictions imposed by the owner of the video in youtube, to prevent playback from certain sites or applications.
  2. The above explains why when Prezi is presented from a web page the video is played
  3. Also it would explain why the exportable Prezi format cannot play the video
  4. Nevertheless, if I present the Prezi from the “Prezi Next Desktop App” the video is played…

So my doubt is:
What is the difference that allows Prezi to play that video when presented from the Desktop App, and not when it’s a portable Prezi? They are both windows applications after all…
If the Prezi Next Desktop App can play that video, I expect that the exported Prezi could do the same…
I hope I could explain my concern in a clear manner.
Could you please advice?
I guess this can be a suggestion to modify the export feature of the desktop app.

Best regards,
Cristiano Plini

Hello, Thank you for the detailed explanation, and I am sorry for any inconvenience in connection to this. I have forwarded your request to the responsible team and I will get back to you in this thread once I have more information.