YouTube videos don't play in my Classic presentation


Hello, my youtube embedded videos were working fine in a prezi presentation on firefox until yesterday. but today they dont start, not automatically nor when I am clicking on it. It seems to be a static image. on chrome and firefox. thanks for your support. I had an idea: could it be related to a slow internet connection?

Embedded Videos No Longer Playing

@Anne-Marie_Melster, yes, that could be potentially be caused by a bad internet connection or firewall issues, for example. You can check our suggestions on how to deal with firewall issues here.

Also, please make sure you have the latest versions of the browser.

If the issue persists, please send us a link to the presentation.



thanks for your feedback. No, it is not working, even with a faster internet connection:

here is the link:

I have my presentation tomorrow, so it is really important that it will work until tonight.

Thanks for your support.




I checked your presentation and it works on my end. We experienced some similar difficulties, could you please check these suggestions on our dedicated Prezi Classic forum?


Is this one way Prezi is trying to force Classic users to either dumb down their presentations with Next or go to another program. (I am being VERY serious and not trolling.)

We are VERY disappointed in how Next functions, the number of “workarounds” we have to spend time on when those workarounds should be normal functions in Next as they were in Classic and the apparent lack of concern for your customer’s requests for over 17 months now. Very sad. :frowning: