YouTube videos don't play in Prezi Viewer

Thanks Sara, I just tried to reinstall the app but the YouTube video still doesn’t work, have you been able to see it from the app?
I am using an Iphone 7

Hello @Pato_Puleio, I was not able to play it in the app either. Can you please delete the video from your presentation and upload it again? We’ll test it then and forward this issue to the appropriate team in case the problem persists.

Sara, thanks again.

I just delete an re-upload the video and the issue still persists

I trusted Prezi to bring a presentation to Switzerland of a great project in Argentina. Tomorrow the Argentine committee travels to Switzerland, I will duplicate this presentation and make it in English. I planned to pay the USD15 plan to forget about possible connectivity problems and also upload the video directly to the platform. But if it is not going to work directly I have to quickly move on to another presentation platform.
I await your response
Best regards

Hello @Pato_Puleio, can you please send me the link of the YouTube video?

Hello Sara, the YouTube link is:

In any case, it is likely that you change the link or finally use the version of Prezi that allows you to insert a video directly into the presentation and watch it offline

El El mié, 4 sep. 2019 a las 06:05, Sara F. via Prezi Next Community escribió:

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I have a problem: The video from youtube works only in presentation, but when I go to register the whole elaborate, it doesn’t work. How can I fix it? Thanks

Hey @Francesco_Sammarco do the videos stop playing when you try to create a Prezi Video out of the presentation?

If they do, it’s a known issue, this is not currently possible in Prezi Video however it will be available later in a future release :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m having a similar problem. My prezi which has about 4 videos will play the first youtube video but every time I try to play the next video it goes fullscreen and goes to the page from the last already watched video. This happens in prezi viewer or present but works perfectly fine when I click present from the editing page. I tried turning off my adblocker it made no difference. How do I fix this?
Link to my prezi in viewer:

Hey @Jess_Thomson I’ve checked and on my end, the presentation plays perfectly with each video playing as intended. Can you try to open it in a different browser or try playing it on another machine?

Let us know! :slight_smile:


When I view my Prezi via Chrome on my phone (Android, Pixel 2), the Youtube links are not clickable and do not play. Any ideas?

Hello @Mellissa_Cary, the presentations are designed to be played in the Prezi Viewer application, could you please try to present through there?

Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:

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I have downloaded the Prezi desktop application. I have a subscription as well but when I download my presentation, the youtube videos and background music wont work.

Hi @Abdullah_Ehtesham, please note that Youtube videos should not be playing if you are using a portable presentation on an offline computer.

There is absolutely no background music on your presentation?

Same thing with me, my youtube video’s don’t play on my iPad Prezi viewer but it does play on my Prezi next on my laptop. What can I do?

Hi @AD_zetchi, could you please specify exactly what do you mean?
What happens on your iPad Prezi Viewer?

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Embedded Youtube videos not playing

why wont my youtube embedded video autoplay?

Thanks for any advice

Hello @simon_blake, I have checked your presentation and the video starts to play automatically from our end, as you can see here.

Could you please tell us what happens in your end?

Hope to hear from you soon!