Zoom in and Fade In

Hi, in the galleries, there are many fantastic creations. In most of them, it appears like Zoom to an area, and the Fade in animations happens at the same time. How do you create this effect?
All I can do is ZOOM in to an Area, and then one more click, the text will fade in. I don’t like this as this is not seamless when we forget to do the second click. Does anyone know how to create the seamless effect that I see on all the Gallery examples?

Hi @Tooma_Chong, I’m afraid zooming in and fading in at the same time is not possible. Could you please share with us a presentation where you have seen this effect? :slight_smile: We’d be happy to investigate it.

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I think he is refering to what we call zoom reveal. when you zoom into a topic, we fade out its cover and show its content at the same time.

Hi David, how do I do this? The way It’s set up now on my Prezi, I want content to be hidden until you zoom and it reveals. But I can’t figure it out!

Hello @Sara_Holcombe, you can check this example on how to achieve that :slight_smile: Let us know if this could help!