Zoom in before fade in

Hi, wondering if there’s a way to zoom in before fading in?


  1. say we create 3 bubbles (Overview slide)
  2. we add animations to all bubbles to start a presentation as blank
  3. we reveal the first bubble in a presentation
  4. we reveal the second bubble in a presentation

And here is a question:
5. HOW could we zoom into 2nd bubble before revealing 3rd bubble in Overview slide?

Thanking in advance!

Hello @willvv, I am sending you the steps on how to achieve it:

  1. In the beginning of the prezi, you should fade in the first topic;
  2. Change the animation bar to fade in the second topic after the first one;
  3. Finally, after the second topic, change the animation bar again and fade in the third;

You can also check this video example on how to do it.

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Ah, missed a dropdown completely! Thank you!!!

Prezi is sooo cool. Creativity unleashed :slight_smile: Thank you guys!!


Hello @willvv, we are glad we could help :slight_smile: good luck with your presentations!

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