Zoom in limit reached

I’ve started using the free Prezi yesterday for a personal project of mine. Today I continued working on the project. I’ve had about 5 zooms (a general page --> a map --> a timeline --> a zoomed in map --> the information) and I’ve had no issues. But just now, when I reloaded my Prezi, whenever I go to the timeline portion (3rd zoom) the app says “Zoom in limit reached”. This is odd because I was perfectly able to zoom in only 10 minutes ago. When I play my presentation it also can zoom in to the 4th and 5th zooms I made. Can you please solve this or help me?


Hello @Gokhan_Kalyon, could you kindly provide me the information below:

1- Send me the URL of your presentation.
2- What browser are you using?
3- Can you send me a screenshot of the issue?

Please try using another browser and check if the issue persists there.
I hope to hear from you soon.

I am also having this issue! I have tried multiple browsers.

Hello @Pence_Companies, could you please send me the URL for your project? And if it’s possible a screenshot of the issue!

I tried using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Both have the same effect. I just tried to redo it. Now it works again for some reason? But I had been struggling with it for the last 6 hours.

What triggered it?

Hello everyone, this issue was reported to our development team and has been resolved meanwhile. If you are still facing this issue, clearing cache and restarting the browser is one of the solutions.

Let us know if you need further help!

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Yes, late Tues (maybe Wed too?) I was also having this occur on my end. I’ll let you know if any issues remain, but just wanted to mention I was affected at the time, in case you’re keeping track. Thanks for reviewing so quickly!